Friday, January 04, 2008

Tag Video Response


eM said...

oh my god..i cant believe that you... that you really.. and then you told everybody on youtube, that you actually...
almost met Bon Jovi??!

Tonia said...

Hooray! That was WONDERFUL!!
I really, really, really enjoyed learning more about you. Can you do one of those every week?? (Just kidding.) But it was really was fun to watch.

michellesteeleart said...

I also got anxiety disorder when I was 17 too. Until recently I still suffered from it. I have now learned that it was my negative thinking which brought on my anxiety and depression. It took me many years to understand why I had it. I still get panic attacks when I am in bed when things get very stressful but I am not afraid of them now and I learned how to talk myself through them. I am happy that you overcame your anxiety problem. :)

You really were a dancer, I never would have figured that. ;)

Nerd Bunny said...

Thank you so much for that. Now I adore you even more than before :D

AnnaDenise said...

Awesome video, I think you're a very inspiring person! Gogo dancing is so cool. Did you like it? Obviously you did it for a long time, but what made you want to go back to school and change careers?

NancyB said...

Hey, very cool for such honesty! I admire that! Thank you for sharing! I still suffer from anxiety attacks and Mr. Bob is the only one who can take that all away and make it all better! :) So glad that you have over come it! Much Love, NancyB

Trine said...

Suzi Blu..
Great to hear a bit about you. I've also had anxiety disorder for many years. I believe it started when I was 19, now I'm 38 and still dealing with it. It's gotten much better but still YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

meg said...

JELLO?? get OUT!

Anonymous said...

that was trés cool, Suzi.

Like the others, I really enjoyed hearing you talk more about you.

Happy new year, by the way. I hope this move to Virginia makes you very very happy, brings you much wonder and joy and inspiration, and allows you to bloom and grow in your very JUICY life. Bravo to you for making the move into the unknown. May you only move again when you want to :)

hugs from Spain,

Needleroozer said...

Wow. We have a lot in common. I have only recently started having panic attacks, after my nephew was killed 2 months ago. I am also a chronic worrier.

I also love to read tarot cards- I have settled into the Osho Zen deck nicely, but I too, always have to use the book for every single reading. I like to write down the cards on paper, and then look at it later, to see how it panned out.

You have me beat on the go-go dancing and Bon Jovi things, but I have moved a great deal, too. I gave up counting after 20- too depressing.

BTW, I tried to join your online chat last time, but could not get any sound for some reason. Next time fer shure.

aprylian said...

I love that one art video where you dance--so graceful. Probably not go-go--but it was beautiful.


Roo said...

Great video. How come I have only just now found your blog? Will definitely be back :-)
My 11 yr old son has anxiety disorder - can get so hard to deal with at times. Good to know that it does get better though :-)

Anke said...

Yep, know about those anxiety attacks too, food allergies caused mine a lot, so since not eating those ones anymore helped me a lot and of course MY ART! Isn't it a great way to deal with stress and everything else that is going on in life? I need my art and I get really moody when I don't create regularly ;)
Smiles, Anke ;)

a simple offering said...

i really enjoyed that. i was curious what your life had been like. i don't know why. that's just the way i am when i meet people. i wonder what has brought them to where they are today.

thanks for the share.

my life has been fairly boring.