Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Sexy Vegan - Hummus


Pieces of me said...

This was a riot!

Iris said...

I used to hate chickpeas when I was a little girl but now I love them! Going to try and add these to my diet as they're easy and I'm trying to eat more healthily.

In England we pronounce it hou-mous, not hum-mus. I love little differences like that. But I guess that's not really relevant because the word isn't English in the first place.. =p

Are you a vegan?

Seeking Simplicity said...

At Trader Joe's yesterday I bought several cans of chickpeas. I'm not really sure why I did, I didn't have any recipe on my mind. I just wanted them.

So... I'm going to try this recipe today. Thanks for sharing.... and I'll definitely be over at "youtube" searching for his other films.

Looking forward to the journal flick tonight. Have a super Sunday Suzi.

the divine miss m said...

Hey you sexy vegan you! You made me laugh on this cold, grey, doobieless, Northern Cali day...(Quite a feat, I really must say!) SuziBlu turned me on to your videos. Hey, You're pretty darn cute, and you have nice teeth. Do you attribute these qualities to your healthy vegan lifestyle, good genes, or a bit-o-both? Anyhoo, I look forward to laughing at your future vids with great enthusiasm and butt-clenching anticipation!!!
Have a sexy vegan day!
Smooches~the Divine Miss M

AnnaDenise said...

Haha, in a weird way he both annoys me and entertains me! By the end of the video I loved him though. That recipe looks superduperyummy! I think I should make some tomorrow.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hey Suzi, this was a funny video but I love your videos and keep doing the great art works. I hope to see you touring one day with your book and see your pictures in galleries all over....just a fan.