Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Why do I get cravings every night just before midnight?
I simply HAVE to go out and buy cinnamon buns - the kind you pop in the oven and get all warm. I havent had them for years. my fondest memory of them are when mom took me to the Delicious Orchards - a giant place is Cults Neck New Jersey that sells specialy gourmet yummies. and after our food shopping we would get two trollie doughnuts (long thin cinnamon buns) and a glass of cold apple cider and eat before we paid.

I think I happened upon a cinnamon bun picture today and thats what sparked the interest. at midnight by defenses are low and im rather hungry. Oh but its so cold outside I must want them pretty badly! I will put on a hat and scarf and get them anyway.

Does anyone know....if iWeb can upload to a website that is not on mac.com or is it just for that? I have a website - suziblu.net - that I used to manage thru microsoft frontpage and I cant do that now. Id like to work on the site tho and make it slammin. I have no idea how though without that (shitty) program.

I feel slightly bad too because many of my YT fans are under 5 years old and altho they love my puppets perhaps I might go a bit overboard in the future. I want to, I can feel it brewing. Its just a matter of time before the Sicilian princess of potty mouth spews forth some word like VIBRATOR or ANAL PROBE. you know? and oh those little 5 year old faces. I can see them now. I told one you tube mom that if that should happen I will put a warning even before the theme music begins.

off to get the buns!
nothing says love like hot buns!!


Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

The puppet show is wonderful! xoxo Nita <3

gina said...

hi suzi im not 5 and under but i know i dont want to know ant thing about anal probe i dont even want that horrid test for the c word but what ever you have to say say it we can probably learn something new you are sure opening my mind up more . you are so cool and brave to be so open, cant wait to see more puppet shows what about the clay oooh polymer clay puppets its perfect you can suzibluethem with words and wax plllleeeaaassseee make a video with thatlove ya gina i want the fredmeyers cinnabuns now like i wanted lasagna after watching your dad make it the power of yt

Iris said...

Oh gosh I love this new layout!

When it comes to your other website, have you tried Dreamweaver? I love it and recommend it because it's userfriendly for both people who know a lot about HTML and CSS and for people who know nothing about it. As long as you're not morally opposed to downloading stuff from the internets it's pretty easy to obtain. =)

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

the mozilla project has a free and easy to use thing called Seamonkey. I it there is a "composer" for websites, supposed to be good and easy. I've not used it just heard great things. and they have it for MAC... mozilla rul.es

Anonymous said...

hey im sicilian too! (well, my grandparents officially) ;)


suze said...

I had a moment of weakness last week and I even posted my Krispy Kreme doughnut on my blog last Monday.

kizam said...

wow! you did it...you added the background picture and it looks great. keep up the great work sweetie. i guess you'll have to start rating your videos like pg13 or R to warn the little ones mom, or not....it isn't your job really, the moms should be monitoring their kids. so be free, create, inform us, although i sort of agree w/gina that i'm not sure i want too much info on anal probe either; i've had kids, five husbands and a colonoscopy and that's about enough ... but i love you and will support you if you feel you need to talk about these things. he hehe..i'm here for the art and inspiration which you are such a pro at....enjoy your buns!

LisaLectura*creations said...

Hi Suzi! You are amazing! Keep creating & inspiring! It's what you were born to do!

tascha said...

I love your hot buns suzi!

Dave said...

My mom makes great cinnamon rolls! Oh I don't think puppet will say those words or others word like that at all! If you keep on making puppets shows that teach kids how to love and not hate. Then you have accomplished a goal in life!

michellesteeleart said...

I like the pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the tube. :)

There is an ftp addon you can use to transfer your files using firefox. I use that or fetch for mac. I don't use safari browser much, I love firefox because of all the addons.

I love the paper dolls.