Thursday, January 10, 2008


Group chat, get your cameras on.
my room is suziblu
password is:

I will be there at 8pm EST and chat will be for one hour.

its a better format altho Im still not sure we'll be able to hear each other. I did buy a headset though so we'll see. I was supposed to go on Paulette Insalls live chat tonight but alas, I keep loosing the emails. I painted today straight up until 5 mintues ago. my back HURTS. but you know, I dig painting big. I do. bigger is better. I still need to beeswax it which will probably take a whole hunk of wax.

Im gonna shut my eyes for a few minutes.
I'll see you at 8!



Paulette Insall said...

Hey girl! I've been sending everyone over to your Stickam page 'cause I thought that's where we were doing the chat thing. This has been a crazy week, so I haven't been able to get back to ya...sorry about that. I'm still planning on joining in on your chat tonight around 5pm pst, but I don't know how long I'll be able to stay.....I've had a massive headache for most of the day and Aiden has been having some stomach and potty issues. I might not be able to stay on long...we'll have to see.

I'm off to post the new chat info on my blog....

leiapico said...

let us know how it went, i am sorry i missed it!

artmama said...

i tried to sign in i emailed to find out how to do it im too slow i really wanted to join in oh well hope you all had fun cant wait to see your big painting done love gina

suesviews said...

Divine Journaling Ballerina Princess..
I love your new banner!
hugs for you & poopie xXx

meg said...

eh, poo. missed this chat. and i have a webcam now too. hope it went well!