Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's LOVE your vagina weekend!

Since there will be no video this weekend I am leaving
you pictures and things. Here is one : Look at this super duper neo-
fantastica VIBRATING machine of love. In fact, no, I am wrong, this
device does not vibrate but indeed SUCKS and its supposed to be
super fabulous.  Its been given to women via prescription from their
doctors for a few years but now they have it on AMAZON.
Prescribed by doctors and 300 dollars, I haven't used it but
 it's got to be good!

Ok so first though, we must love our vaginas if we are going to
fork out over 300 for it.  Right? So here is a site for that:

Not only will you learn how to properly pee standing up
but this site offers vulva chain purses and music composed 
for your vagina. 


suze said...

I just never know what I am walking into on your site. You crack me up! Good luck on your move.I am also planning a move to VA, hopefully soon.

Iris said...

I'm curious, why did doctor's prescribe this to their patients? Is it supposed to aid with low sex drive?

katie said...

i was expecting to see new and used ones, since it's amazon. ha!

Deirdra Doan said...

Hmm I think it is suppose to bring the blood supply back used 6 min. a day.

For women who have lost their natural sexual response.

Homeopathic Sepia and other Classical Homeopathic Constitutional treatments can help with sexuality and female problems and in the bargain the emotional body is healed too. The Broken Heart effects our sexuality. He trained my Dr. in Homeopathy that has helped me in every way.

But this thing looks like more fun..

"It's LOVE your vagina weekend!"

Deirdra Doan said...

PS. Opps....Thats not a full 6 mins, thats little rest's in between!!!! Read the instructions..... oh my....

Dave said...

Yes it's love your Virginia weekend and I'll leave at that.

Lisa said...

Here's another great vagina-loving site for you.

She has a great website, too, where she sells a vagina puppet that was actually used by a doc to talk to women on...oh, who's that chick?...ooooh the Tyra Banks show.

Have fun!

Julie said...

Hee. That's a little more than I need to know about my vagina. But I guess that's my repressed, 12 years of catholic school girl talking.

Lin Lin said...

OMG! Did I miss it? Weekend? Hope you mean up coming weekend. Are you sure its not Weeeeeek? LinLin

kizam said...

Whoppie!!!! i just love visiting you! and i just adore your newest painting in the is beautiful already can't wait to see the finished product that will reflect your vagina oh i mean your virginia move lol!

eM said...

come on gods and goddesses. take one tiny step out of the comfort zone, and one giant leap towards discovery and empowerment. this weekend, go somewhere that you have never dared to go before. in love

sf said...

Mmm fun! And like many things sexual, funny, too, how great is that?

red tin heart said...

very interesting... LoL
i have missed you <3
xoxo nita

changapeluda said...

Sucker Lou!

(i ALLready know how to take a piss standing up, thank you very much!)


Sheree Rensel said...

OK Suzzzz, Now I know what will be on the TOP of my "to buy" list when I win the LOTTO!!! Sounds DEE-lightful!! whoopeeeeee!
Pretend Mom
P.S. Does it SHOCK your "pretend" Mom would be interested in the EROS?? ROFLMAO!!!!!

Dawn said...

only youuuuuu, suzi blu! i think eros sounds fab!! =) but then, i have been alone *(read:nosex)* for 2 years now. that cannot be healthy for someone so young...45. i need eros. =) =) =) who can lend me a hot $300 !!! heeheehee
you are the FUNNIEST, SUZI DARLIN! always a fresh surprize!

beemr6 said...

I'll buy you one of these if you do a demonstration show on your site!!!

suzi blu said...

beemer...buddy, how clever! Gee, are you gonna use mommy's credit card to buy it? Buy me one from my amazon wish list, and I will demonstrate how it works in one of my weekly videos.

Iris said...

Oooh! Suzi's posting! So that must mean you made it safe and sound to Virginia. Yay! Can't wait to see your next video...uh...just to be clear...not the "Eros demonstration" video. lol.

Did Poo fair well on the trip?

gina said...

man i wish i could move like so many of you are . ive been in washington state 48 years . i need sunshine and palm trees i only saw palm trees one time in vegas at the mirage but i had such a panick attack on the plane i swore no more flying .so california is the only place close enough to drive it will never happen but i can dream right i hope virginia gives you all the desires of your heart happy valentines my dear suzi

Lor J. said...

I thought I'd point out that as of today, the "custommers who bought this also bought" list has nothing but art books. :p

beemr6 said...

i guess you aren't going to take me up on my offer. (via private email).