Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Do you know about this site!

They have monthly contests!
We can win prizes!!

Look at THIS


Babytreese said...

Wowsers!! Thanks for the info on this link! Those shoes were THE CUTEST!! I must try making a pair of these for my daughter - who is 26 by the way ;=) *hugs*

Ketutar said...

I have been watching your youtube videos about the Lifebook :-)

I just saw part 11
I love you too :-) I didn't even know you existed a couple of hours ago, and now I know my life would have been lesser without you in it :-)
Thank you for existing :-) Thank you for daring and caring and bothering and doing :-)

vintagetechno said...

Craftster is such an amazing site! I've recently gotten addicted to surfing it. I want to participate in a swap sometime!

Marj said...

Crafster is THE place for sharing creativity. I had an account a long time ago. Not sure if i ever posted anything, but i've definitely replied and swapped yarn.

Very wonderful community full of all types of talented artists!

Awesome that you found it! Have a great weekend!