Friday, January 11, 2008


I want to hold off on chats for a bit until we find the RIGHT site - one that does not have feedback and everyone can get it to work for them. The new rule will then be that its Chicks Only - cept for Stellan who is our mascot go go boy. No more creeepy boys thats it thats it. I have no patience. Besides its more fun when its just us. When I move I will have a super fast internet connection and that will help for some of it. Still though, we need to find a room that works.

I didnt realize it was midnight. I was all ready to put a movie in and relax thinking its like 10. Im still going to watch a movie. I deserve it. I painted for 3 straight days and i mean straight, I slept of course, but nothing else. my back ACHES. I have so little room here to do such a big painting. I will take proper pictures of it tomorrow when the sun comes up and there is more light.

the movie i have is excellent. its small vignettes about 9 different womens lives, its called
Nine Lives


gina said...

hey suzi sounds like alot of work wish i could watch that movie i have not gotten to watch many chick flicks because the only female in the house ,well i could watch them alone but for me thats like drinking alone why bother but im gonna go make popcorn and clean paint from my hands i went 3 days the longest ever with out my journal it looks bad but hey at least i didnt waste a mat board .sorry about chat theres some creeps out there huh .bummer i wanted to try a new computer thing instant messaging is about all ive done oh well your girl paint, ive tried to copy your art no way can i come close but you do make me wanna paint girly girls ,i love them. are the puppets going to be sewn or paper ive never made one but have evry thing to do so if im taught love ya gina cant wait to see the paper dolls ,you do deserve it all

Pippa said...

Wow Suzi that painting behind you looks AMAAAAZING! You are such an inspiration.
I still don't have a webcam, but I'll get one! I need to know what timezone you're in because when I chatted with you on New Years Eve, I didn't go to bed until 4am! Looking forward to seeing more pics of your huge painting xxx

kelly said...

Hey Suzi, the live chat was fun, but when you type slow like I do it's hard to follow the chatting. I did have fun, more so because I was laughing at myself. I'm praying I can get my camera to work next time. Everyone seemed super nice, I hope we can keep it going once you move.
Thank you for trying Suzi you're a sweetheart.
Oh I love the painting. She is truly magnificent!


Julie said...

I'm sorry I missed the live chat, but maybe not too sorry. :) It'll get worked out.

The painting behind you is amazing!

I have these huge canvases that I bought (buy one, get one for a penny) and I'm afraid to use them... maybe one day soon.

Seeking Simplicity said...

Oh I loved that movie... especially the story with Dakota Fanning. When I hope from blog to blog... it remains me of the movie. You take a peek into someone's life, you find inspiration, an amazing amount of goodness in humanity.

Good luck with your move on Groundhogs Day... which is a movie I enjoyed as well.

Happy Weekend

Angie D

kizam said...

Wow... congrats on finishing your big are inspiration dear, i have large canvas' i've been painting since 2002!!! take some time to stretch and laugh...i love visiting here..thanks for sharing

Ms Dragonfly said...

movie sounds interesting :) i just loved 'the hours' one of my new fav woman's movie, yep, i know it's been out for a while :D

LuLu said...

Bonjour Suzi! Unfortunately, I live in the countryside on a mountain and we still do not have cable connection so imagine high speed internet !!! But it is alright I guess, if I had it I would be spending too much time chatting instead of painting...

That large painting behind you is GRRRRRREAT, love your art!

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Dave said...

Could I be the cake maker for the group please?

changapeluda said...

hmmm you said nine lives and you had nine comments....
so i thought i would be number 10 and tell ya:

I'm so fucking Glad i'm a chick!


love you miss you talk to you soon! that is if i can ever afford a webcam