Sunday, January 06, 2008

Art Playshops with Suzi Blu: Le Petite Puppet Theatre Blu

Visit ISA a wonderful Mixed Media artist living in France at:


changapeluda said...

OMG i haven't even watched the whole thing and i already love it!
i just had to come over here and say that!

you are beautiful and i love you

Popy said...

Suzi !! it's great !! You speak french !! And i love that !!!!
Your theatre is magnifique !!!
Thank you Suzi ! You are the best !!
ISA ^_^

Sama said...

So good that you answered my question! I was just sitting and wondering what that thing you used to glue stuff with is, and the answer came! Perfect, Im going hunting for it! Thanks for another great video!

Niki said...

Oh goodie I hope I can make your chat this time!!! Let me know what time.

Lisa said...

I commented on YouTube but it isn't showing up...probably because I put a link in it. That's a no no, huh? Love the theater. I was laughing out loud like a maniac as you were trying to think of vegetables but I couldn't think of anymore either..I did try to help you out with the fruits! "Grapes, Suze, Grapes!!" The link I had on YouTube was to my flickr..or you can just look at my blog. I collaged a stool for my studio last week if you want to peek. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered Userplane for live chats and video?

Babytreese said... it so far sweetie!! I can't wait to see your 3-D effects and your groovy puppets! Learning French is definitely on my list of things to pursue in 2008 and sexy! ;=) I hope I can catch the next chat!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Thank-you Thank you!!!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

This is a great video, Suzi! I'm afraid I only speak English, but Raf speaks Spanish, some French and Italian...but not me. Oh, no, not me!

Mod Podge is wonderful. I use it all the time. It's been around forever and it works!

Love the French mixed media artist, too.