Sunday, January 20, 2008

Art Playshops with Suzi Blu: Frida Lives


Deirdra Doan said...
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green_eyes said...

I didn't know Frida said those things. I also didn't know that she was in chronic pain...She really is a great symbol for all women.
I'm going to go read more about her.

Beautiful quotes, and a gorgeous painting. (:

Deirdra Doan said...

Very Creative video Suzi, Loving this vlog with your cool music and black/ white images very pretty... the painting wonderful...Yes never give up...

Peggy said...

Thanks Suzi - that was an interesting story and as always, I love to watch you paint. Thanks for sharing with us! I didn't know that about her...

Kim said...

I've always been fascinated by Frida, it is amazing how after her trolley accident that she didn't give up on life! You did an amazing job with your dedication video.

Kirsty said...

That was lovely, she was such an art goddess and such an inspiration.

popy said...

Thank you Suzi i know well Frida now !!!
ISA ^_^

Pippa said...

I had no idea that Frida painted in bed! I'm house-bound with M.E. and have to spend a LOT of time in bed. Often I get so bored up there in bed while Hubby is away at work for 11 hours a day! When I have the energy, I paint and draw downstairs. But now, I think I'll draw in bed too! Thank you so much Suzi. Off to find out more about Frida ...

suzi blu said...

Thank you everyone. Its so very much fun, all of this. You must try to make videos yourselves. So fun. Next sunday will be a journal video so get your life books ready!

pippa - read about frida. A real biography that will give you the real flavor of her life not just a few paragraph blurbs. she was so amazing. and so real like the rest of us. She kept an art journal too and you can buy that on amazon or rent it from your library. It was like her therapy journal which is so the essence of a life book.

get yourself a tray that sits over you and get to it mama! no need to get out of bed for anything you can have an entire world right there.

Nina said...

Thanks for this one:-) I wonder if she would have been as well know if she wasn't married to RIvera?

Babytreese said...

Thank you SO MUCH Suzi for this beautiful homage to my favorite artist. I made an altered book all about Frida and Diego. It took over my life!! I obsessed about this book until I finally completed it! I'm going to an exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art next month. I can't wait!! VIVA FRIDA!!!

Pippa said...

Suzi is so great,
Suzi is so fun,
I wish she lived in England
So that she could come round for an iced-bun!

iHanna said...

Wow, I loved this video! You should've painted your eyebrows together though! ;-) No, just kidding! the painting is so cute, and hey, look here; we have the same dream, a similar puppy dream!!!!

Jillian said...

Wonderful video, Suzi! Your Frida-inspired painting is gorgeous.

Nerd Bunny said...

Thank you Suzi for such a great video. I too want to find out more about Frida. I have never studied art and am not familiar with her. Tomorrow, the library!

TheMagicBartender said...

AMAZING & Inspiring as ALWAYS dear Suzi! I Look forward to EVERY post you gift to us!

Don't EVER let 'em Change you!

I've started a little experiment in blogging of my own. That holds some inspiration from YOU and your spirit. It's here at:
if you wanna stop by for a visit, and, have a FREE cold beverage on ME while you're there! heehee ;-D

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated as well!

All my VERY BEST...
...Cheers, Sue `*>~[

Toni said...

Dios mio, Suzi!!! I have long long loved Frida Kahlo the woman, the firebrand, the intellect, the free spirit, the chef, even (the book Frida's Fiestas is a favorite)! But I've had enormous trouble with her art, although I've seen it at exhibits on 3 occasions. Her diary has been bedside on my night stand for ... wow ... 12 years now? Something like that. Take SUZIBLU to suddenly explode my reservations about her art and make it the most accessible thing on the planet. Jesus, I'm in awe of you. (You make a stunning Frida, by the way.)

Here's a book you might really really REALLY love:

Beauty is Convulsive: The Passion of Frida Kahlo, by Carole Maso. Amazon review, below (makes for a long comment, I know, but worth it I think): From Publishers Weekly
This impressionistic book recaps some of the more infamous events of the Mexican artist's life. Maso (The Art Lover; Aureole) relies on Kahlo's diary, as well as on letters, medical reports and Hayden Herrera's biography, Frida, and focuses primarily on the mental and physical torment the painter suffered after being maimed in a trolley accident when she was 19. For years after the accident, Kahlo's doctors prescribed a series of almost medieval corsets and a constant flow of painkillers; she also suffered miscarriages and eventually lost a leg to gangrene. Somewhat fewer pages are devoted to her painting and her relationship with Diego Rivera, although both are duly noted. Maso renders all this in an experimental hybrid of prose and poetry; nonlinearity, repetition, multiple voices and fragmentation dominate, and she shows little regard for punctuation. Some readers will inevitably find this distracting, but it feels appropriate to the jagged world of pain, deformity and drug addiction in which Kahlo spent more than half her life. Fortunately, despite the grim goings-on, Maso, like her subject, is not without a sense of humor (she slyly notes the commercialization and fetishizing of all things Frida and tosses quotes from Kahlo's detractors, as well as her own critics, into the mix), which helps her to capture the "absurdity of the maimed and desperately decorated."
Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal
In this poetry-like fiction, novelist and essayist Maso (Defiance, etc.) uses images from the life of Frida Kahlo to create, as she describes in her author's note, "a deeply personal meditation: an attempt to be in some kind of dialog with [Kahlo] across time and space-and with myself." This interaction between the author and her subject is the heart of this book, making it an imaginative, internalized interpretation of Kahlo's life and work, even if it is reliant on factual material, including Hayden Herrera's Frida. Maso's fiction is inclined toward the heights of passion and despair, so Kahlo's life, marked as it was by physical anguish and by her sensual and often pain-riddled self-portraits, makes for fitting material. Repetition, songlike cadences, and the occasional first-person narrator will make this book more appealing to readers interested in how prose, poetry, and biography intersect than to those wanting straightforward narration. But interest in Kahlo, spiked by the recent film and perhaps by Kate Braverman's Incantations of Frida K., may draw new readers to this consistently inventive writer. Maso's prose has generated wide respect, making this an important purchase for libraries with literary fiction collections.
Carolyn Kuebler, "Library Journal"
Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Scarlett said...

I have been your stalker for awhile and finally got the courage to say hello.

I adore you and you have inspired me to begin drawing. Just this week, even though I have been watching your vids since Christmas.

I posted some first time pics today on my blog, please, I invite you to stop over and tell me honestly what you think.

You are my new role model!

changapeluda said...

que bien bonita

Seeking Simplicity said...

Great video Suzi. I love the passion, the spirit, and the determination of Frida Kahlo. Netflix has several documentaries on her life that are fantastic.

Have a super week. Groundhog's Day is fast approaching. Have you started packing yet?


Ann-D said...

I love this video. It's beautiful. I love Frida and her work, she's always been an inspiration to me. Thank you for making this amazing video.

Rose® said...

Beautiful your video Suzi.
I love Frida also she was a beautiful spirit and artist.
I love the way you are.
Hugs From Holland.

marianne said...

I´m a big fan of Frida!
This video is very good!
Thanks for sharing !

Sharon said...

Frida inspires me, too.

See my collage here:

Take care, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Rockin' vid, Suzi! You're always amazing.

Pippa, I have a chronic issue myself. Gotta say that my hubby takes exception to paint in bed (I'm a MESSY painter!) if yours is the same, I recommend colored pencils, crayons, and oil pastels. I also do paper cutting with an exacto knife, or with scissors for collage, while in bed. Using a glue stick instead of wet glue works pretty well, too. And of course a towel or sheet spread under your stuff to catch the flakes and pencil crumbs and paper shavings; much easier to keep your bed comfy if you can just lift out and shake your surface over the garbage can.

I have a little briefcase that I haul around with me to all the doctors' offices. I used to have an average of two medical appointments per day. It was eating my life. I decided to take it back.

My theory: "If life gives you lemons, make lemon-infused poppy-seed muffins and serve them with tea..."

Waiting rooms are dreary places, ordinarily, but a case full of art supplies transforms that virtual imprisonment..\ I've given away scads of tiny polyclay sculptures, sketches of funny animals, etc., to folks sharing my experience. It's very cool to bring that light into those dark moments in the world.

Best to all, and thanks for the inspiration Suzi!


Dawn said...

dear suzi-blu heart! THANK YOU, once again for sharing your amazing spirit with us.

fRiDa has long been a favorite of mine, as i am a painter and HONOR her utter dedication to her craft, without consideration for what others might think... she painted FOR REAL.

i was able to JUST see her exhibit at the Walker Art Center in MPLS, MN where it debuted. i stood in line for 45 minutes just to get into the exhibition hall and when i was IN, i stayed for, like 3 hours!!!!! =) it was THAT mezmerising to me... to stand in front of her paintings, just as she would've done (well, you know what i mean) was nothing short of a spiritual high... it was... so so so powerful. to me, that is REAL ART.

so wHaT if people don't want to hang it on their damn walls!!!! that is not what art is about. it is about your EXPRESSION, your PASSION, your WHATEVER MOVES YOU.

of course, this is what is SOOOOO awesome about you and why you have connected us women in such a positive, creative and global way (and any men who are joining us). it is your spirit that has this busting out of it's seams!!

thank you.

you are an aHHHHH-mazing woman and i'm so happy to know you.

on a sad note, today (1/22) my cat Jessy Jane died... right in front of my very eyes... =( it was sooooooo unexpected, so enormously painful to not be able to do anything for her but BE there in her moment... i think she had a heart-attack or something because she was just GONE in a minute. she is a big orange tabby girl cat (looking a lot like POOH with her warm white furry belly and light green eyes!) -- i rescued from the outdoors 6 months ago. she was my little pal and i'm soooooo sad to not be snugglin up with her ever again... =( say a little prayer for Jessy Jane, ok?

love yah gal, dawn