Monday, December 31, 2007

Zen Pooh Cam LIVE tonight!

Zen pooh cam and suzi chat scheduled for New Years EVE
9:30 PM EST

Just chatting. so if you dont want to be alone come and hang out. 

If you're on Cali time though, I aint stayin up til 3 and ringing it in twice so get your suzi love
while shes awake.

Have a wonderful time tonight and without sounding preachy - I love you just how you are, booze does not make you better.  And if you feel too shy to be your wild self without booze tonight, then perhaps you are with the wrong people? Just something to think about.

Stay safe. be beautiful. 
suzi and pooh  =^_^=


Stellan said...

Yay I don't drink! Do like you Yoohoo? Wanna have a Yoohoo with me?

mariatherese said...

I'm a viewer from Sweden; it's already 2008 here and I'm going to bed so unfortunately I can't watch your livecam :( Just wanted to say hi, and that you're incredibly beautiful, talented and wise. Happy New Year!

Pippa said...

Ah what a lovely chat I had with you and your pals. I just read what you said about alcohol on your blog - good stuff! I've been tee-total for a couple of years(just because I don't like the taste, really. That, and it makes me fall asleep!). I wish you lived in England - you could have come to our rocking party - me and hubby and our only 2 friends (we've just moved to a new town) playing boggle and pictionary. There I was thinking I was going to miss your live webcam but when we got in I realised that America is behind us so HOORAY! Hmm written much more than I intended. Happy new year you wonderful inspiration. Muchos love xxx

Kris said...

aww, i was feeling a bit lonely and i wanted to chat but i couldnt figure out how, snif :(

green_eyes said...

I think I've been creepy long enough, reading your blog without commenting, so I'll break my silence (I'm that creepy "blue2draconian" from YouTube and Stickam) to wish you a joyous HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I wish you only the best. (:

Fiona said...

I must be one of the few Scots who doesn't drink on Hogmanay -do I care? No?

Happy New Year to you Suzi. It will be a great one for you what with the move to Virginia and that cute little house. Keep making art. Sorry to have missed your web chat. Maybe catch the next one?

Now I'm off to try to try to celebrate my birthday in country where everything is shut today. Wonder if the family will let me stay in my pj's and mess up the kitchen table with paint?

eM said...

great scot! happy birthday!
"great love day"
cool Hogmanay...
i had to look that one up :)

changapeluda said...

i fuckin fell asleep!
Woke up at 12:13am on January first 2008
what's up W/THAT?!?

I love you and have missed you Suzita Amiga mine.

i really do and i really have.

Happy New PooBlu Su Year!!