Sunday, December 30, 2007


From what Im understanding, after you click to play you should let it download all the way before you watch it thru, thats why it keeps stopping periodically, it takes awhile to download. not sure why.
you can download this video for podcast at:

Go to the above link and subscribe to my podcast and it will download directly into your itunes (windows PC has itunes too) and you can see my videos quickly and in full screen.

I am going to put up the youtube version later today.

Supplies used:
lavander and green cardstock
140 lb watercolor paper
cheapie craft paints in contrasting colors
Dr. Martins transparent watercolor - violet
Golden Fluid Acrylics - Quinacridone Gold
paper towel
paper cutter

Here is the Youtube Version:


sf said...

I'm excited for you baby!

Babytreese said...

Awww...Miss Suzi Blu...another chapter in your life!! Another wonderful adventure! 2008 is lookin' real good for you and I am so happy for you honey! I LOVED the video! Thanks so much for sharing your family with us. Go git'em baby!!

scrowlscrowl said...

I want lasagna!!
Love your video; it looks like such a REAL christmas!!

Lisa said...

I'm still waiting for the rest of the video to load, but I heard the VIRGINia part!! Yay! I live in Va. My honey heard me clapping and saying yay. I said "Suziblu is moving to Virginia!" I don't think he gets it. LOL

I'm in Roanoke, VA. I hope you love it as much as I love it here. March is my birthday. I think it's my little gift from the Universe to have you just a little closer. :)

Nina said...

That's so wonderful sharing your family with us. None of them look like you! LOL!

Oh, gotta buy more supplies, more art supplies, more, more.............or maybe I'll just decorate some paper bags - YEAH!!

Watch for paper bag lady art:-)

gina said...

im going to the kitchen to make lasagna tonight wish i had the good motzerella and riccota ill use muenster it looked sooo good im proud of you making all these goals to make your life happy you deserve it you make me happy every time i see your art and

Valaine said...

I'm so happy for you. You are so brave to follow your dreams! You are an inspiration. :) Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

That's great news!
Your video file is excellent quality and downloaded in about one minute in the uk, but my usual PC flv file "GOM player" does not have the codec to play your flv file. Below is a link to another FREE Microsoft windows OS PC flv file player "FLV Player 2.0.23" that plays your downloaded flv video file without pauses.

The actual software download link is to so it's safe.

Have a great 2008 suzi


NB It's a good player but this new version of FLV PLayer is best left to play videos at their default size as it can sometimes get stuck in full screen mode.

Pippa said...

Hooray! You're going to have a lovely arty house! I am very happy for you! I've been in my first proper house (I don't include the student digs) for three months now and it's luuurvely! Having a good creative space is soooo important! Hurrah for you!

suze said...

Two thousand and eight is going to be great!I'm so happy for you. Virginia is a nice state.You will love it!
Now I have a hankering for some italian...

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Now that we all want lasagna....and at one a.m. that is not a good thing......happy for you little will be a marvelous adventure.
xo Rella

DAWN said...

We'll be kinda neighbors (I live in Tennessee)!! your dad looks like he is a hoot! Thanks for sharing bits of your family holiday with us. Greeeaat stuff.

Anonymous said...

Suzi! I'm so happy for you! I, too, live in VA, so I'm happy for ME, too, that you will live somewhere closeby! =)

I really enjoyed your video with the family, too.

And I agree with Nina - I've got to go buy MORE art supplies now! Yea!

Happy 2008 - it sounds like it will be filled with new Adventure for you!

eM said...

YAY! I am so ready for this adventure. i feel like i just won a ticket to the willie wonka chocolate factory!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your family and home holidays with us.

i am very happy for you to hear about this new sounds lovely. You deserve it, everything you have been asking for.

I send all the best to you, sue, much love, and fun and lots of art and juicyness from here on in!
lisa in spain

Sama said...

Oh what a wonderful video! And Im so happy for you, Virginia and real house sound wonderful! And that there's nothing stopping you: that's a good thing!

Susan said...

Suzanne,(I heard your family call you this) I am also a Virginia girl. We are so happy you are coming to the state named for the Virgin Queen. I live in the "Star City" (now you are forced to do research). My hubby has a puppet video on Youtube. Look for PlanetKeene and click on the Ape of Death. Happy New Year, Susan K.

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

VIrginia is beautiful. One of my exes was from the northern part of the state and when we went down there to visit I never wanted to come back, there's a lot to do and places to see a lot of history as well as a lot of just plain natural beauty... THe red clay stands out in my mind the most.. So different from the earth up here- it's gray. You'll love VA, it's gorgeous, good luck.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the way you make everything look so easy. Glad you had a nice time with your family. Good luck with the move.