Sunday, December 30, 2007

Suzi Blu Art Vlog



Trine said...

Suzi Blu you rock!!!!
2008 is "the" year, I feel it too!!

suzi blu said...

I feel it Trine, I really do!
LOVE your icon painting there.

Anonymous said...

Need to watch this over and over and bookmark to watch as needed ... or maybe preventative watching.

I haven't journaled at all lately, telling myself that it isn't art. Judging myself against others. Lamenting that I don't know what to do, how to do but not utilizing my journal to learn, to experiment, to PLAY!

Have to Pull out the Journal again, have to make some mark, do something. Wishing that I had someone in my life, here, local to make art with, to learn from, to really SEE how some of this is done. I still feel so inadequate.

Oh stop it already, I tell myself. Just believe.

Love you Suz!

suzi blu said...

Just BELIEVE cynthia, put it out there.
For me, which what lead me to all of this, was the strong inclination to either find others of a like mind, or END IT ALL quite drastically.

Its time right! (not to end it all, but to go find your playmates!)

Lisa said...

This time last year I was resigned to being unhappy. In March I read some Wayne Dyer books and watched the Secret and realized that I don't have to resign myself to ANYTHING! By June, I was living in a new place. By July, I was living with the man I've loved for 10 years but would not ALLOW myself to meet. (I met him physically the day he moved in, July 1, 2007) I am creating every day. He's a novelist but now he's doing crazy assemblages out of the blue and shocking himself! We have made it our intention to live bohemian lives of art fairs and craft fairs and festivals and some other things that may shock my friends and family!

I made a vision board and we've recently had to update it because so much of it had already come true! I had pictures of him that I took from the net and I cut one out and pasted it to my board. Beside it I put a cutout of me so that it looked like we were sitting together. It was so surreal sitting with him looking at that board and now we have a pic of us TOGETHER pasted to the board. Yay!

We really do create our life! I am happier than I've ever been. My teenage boys are happy. 2008 is going to be EVEN BETTER!!!!

misses free said...

hi suziblu
i follow your blog for quite a long time, but haven´t posted a comment yet.....but now here i am to tell you that i really really loooove your blog. you are cracy, you are sweet, you are so fuckin girly, you are YOU and thats sooooo cooool !!!!
i am a big fan of you and your work and i wanna wish you all the ebst for 2008 !

kizam said...

That is soooo great that you are moving to the virgin state....yippeee...i am soo happy for you...i hope you have a good strong connection to the internet where you go so the videos will be easier for rock suzi..keep up your spirits and follow your heart my dear, this year is going to be our year...a great year...i am so glad you found another artist to go forward love love to you. i hope you never think of ending it again but only beautifying it all, making art our life....go forth and live as art!!!!
the secret works...
karen kizam

Dawn said...

awwww... you're moving to viginia!!! it sounds like such a good move darlin' (even tho i don't know anything about virginia! =0)

i just wanted to let all you gals (and guys) know that 2008 is considered a #1 year (per numerology) and that it is a year for NEW BEGINNINGS!!!! (yay) so i'm not surprised that everyone is feeling this energy! a great website to check out is "" which is really energy/spritually based and talks about this type of stuff.

something to know: jan 1 thru jan 11 are SUPER POWERFUL days for manifesting your desires, so THINK POSITIVE, (DONT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN YOUR TRUE HAPPINESS)!

mz blu, you have been a major inspiration for us all. =) you know that right? =)

thank you from the very depths of my heart. xoxoxo

Paulette Insall said...

Dear, dear've been such an inspiration to us all! I wish many blessings and even bigger things for you in the coming year. I too can feel that 2008 is going to be a big year for me, but with a lot of changes as well, good ones. :D

Happy new year girlie!!! I'll try my best to join in on the live celebration with you this evening, even if it's only for a little bit. I'm three hours behind you, so midnight for you is my little Aiden's bedtime.

Lilac said...

Happy New Year SuziBlu!!!

Sending you a big red heart of Love
One of the best thing in 2007 Was to meeting you. And i'm painting again.

Wish You all the best for 2008!!!

Thank you for sharing your life and your sweet family

LOVE Lilac

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Came to Wish You the Very Best of Blessing's in 2008 Suzi Blu!

gina said...

yeah 2008 im so happy you didnt listen to that bad thought of giving up i would have never had a reason to go online i was and am paying 31.00 a month for dsl and 55 for basic cable and the only entertainment i get is your website and you tube i email family but now im getting my moneys worth and hope yes suzi what you do most is give me hope and something to look forward to home raising boys and im very girly has been a lonely challenge at times so i paint girly things well happy new year thanks again love gina