Wednesday, December 05, 2007

muffin love

If we all click at this site daily - a quota will be filled and people will send money to feed hungry animals.


Im about to do math then make carrot muffins.
you covet my muffins I know you do
: P


Kel - away from Kel's Space and lookin' at yours! said...

I see your carrot muffins and I raise you peanut butter cupcakes... possibly going to be my only achievement for the day though.

suzi blu said...

I couldnt make muffins because I lacked baking soda. So Ill make them today.
Take a pic when they come out of the oven and show us?

Lets all pretend we are from the 1950's and bake. I need an apron.

My mom used to wear full eyelashes and 'heeled' slippers to clean the house. My mom rocks.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Check out the aprons in my Nov. blog entries. I put up links to them. Go to Nov archives
and one is on Monissoribyhands blog in two differnt posts she made Dec. 3rd & a Nov entry on her blog and she has made them reversable and the other link says Friday Night apron. Both remind me of dresses. So cute.

Amanda Edwards said...

I just had to tell you that I just got a Moleskine sketch book from Borders today and it is so yummy! The paper really is like cardstock and will be perfect for painting on! Yay! It cost me $32 tho :( but I deserve it,right? Isn't it dumb how we can easily spend that much on crap junk food or something and not think about it, yet I struggle to spend it on something nice just for me...hope you are having a good week. Is your 'puter fixed yet?

Linni said...

Hi Suzi,
New to your blog...your art is absolute beautiful!!! Feels like a just digged up a treasure! Will be back...just wanted to let you know! Beautiful1!!!

Anonymous said...