Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Chica-Wa Wa

I send you big barrels of beeswax
do with it what you will : )
Happy Holidays


eM said...

you just get betta and betta

sf said...

Hey Miss!
Have you ever had the beeswax turn dark on you after awhile?
Probably since your art is kinda light to begin with, it doesn't get TOOO dark, but if art starts out darker, I have seen this happen. Or, I wonder if it has to do with the particular wax?
Anyway, I want to wish you the happiest week.

Babytreese said...

Thanks so much honey!! I'll have to shop for a small crock pot...gotta find one during the after Christmas sales...oh and what was in the spray bottle at the end? Happy Holidays to you and Poo-Poo!!

Brahdelt said...

Happy holidays to you, too, darling! *^v^*

Nerd Bunny said...

Festive wishes to you Suzi.
Thanks for another great video. How heavy does the paper at the start have to be to take collage and beewax like that? I'm thinking that the paper I have is too thin. In the New Year when I have a little spare money I'm gonna treat myself to supplies. Can you recommend a few basics?
Bye for now,
NB x

suzi blu said...

More Basics:
The weight of the paper IS important. I never use anything but 140 lb paper. you dont have to spend much money though. My paper is by Strathmore and for 12 sheets its $5.00. so affordable. Beeswax also takes very well to wood. Im going to be using that for awhile since I feel a bit burnt on paper.

SF : never had it turned dark. but then I antique and make stuff look so grimy, who knows right!


Anonymous said...

i would buy 22 of your poo poo balls.
love mary stephens

Popy said...

Hi Suzi !!
Beewax it's magic !!
I wish you a merry christmas (and pooh pooh too)^____^
ISA ^_^

Amanda Edwards said...

thankyou so much for catering to our artistic needs for beeswax! you are so good to us! if you made dvds I would totally buy all of them. merry christmas sweet pea! my kitty sends kitty kisses to pooh and you xxx

kizam said...

Happy Christmas to you Suzi
you look fabulous dear and the video is so clear and beautiful and sharp...i haven't tried the bees wax yet but i am having fun melting crayons with my quilting iron!!! i do hope you can find a safer home that doesn't have toxic walls...get out get out...come back to california and live on the farm here...i want to start an art colony...bring a friend, i have two rooms available.....well happy dreams to you...hope santa brings you everything your heart ya karen kizam

Anonymous said...

Another beautifuly made work of art video as always!

Happy Holidays.

viv said...


i LOOVE it!! i will be going to get beeswax and a quilting iron asap.

i have been concentrating on my life journal lately, but will venture out to buy some quality paper to work on....thanks for the tip. btw, i just purchased some of that walnut oil that you have, cant wait to try that out!


diddley said...

Oh, thank you thank you for the beeswax video! Awesome stuff! I look forward to trying it out. :)

Carmen said...

you got it! i am tryin this!