Monday, December 03, 2007

Life is good.

I have a 3 year warranty so no worries right? they will fix it. and then. oh and then. it will be awesome. I dont turn on that computer now because I dont want to unintentionally make the problem worse. I dont want to work with it until I can see video.

so I have withdrawn from all of my classes except the math that I need for my BA. even two weeks to go until the semester ends it is not worth the hassle. I do not want to teach little kids and none of these classes go towards my bachelors degree. (its from another school entirely) Im done, I give up! Im taking my life back!

you should hear my mom on the phone too as she tells me about what she tells her girlfriends. how Im going to work with the handicapped. I did get very excited about it, for one afternoon, but I also got excited about becoming a professional dog washer and moving to Canada. I am an easily excitable girl. Its amazing I havent joined the circus. So I let her be happy and she finally has something to tell her friends she can be proud of. I know she just wants to see me stable and doesnt believe I can be with the art thing. But I do. I think with 2 hour dvd playshops I could make a nice life for myself. and publish childrens books as well. me and pooh sleeping late and drinking yummy hot things. no stress. no running. no more running! I cant do it. its not me. I dont want to be in the rat race. Let the rats win.

I dropped my car off at the shop so they can put heat in it again. mmmm heat.
Tomorrow I begin the rest of my life. All I have is math homework to concentrate on now, which makes it kind of fun. Im on a DIY decorating kick too as I fashion an 'area' for you all to watch during Live Cams. Pooh has a chair near the cam for pooh zen cam, and Im thinking of painting the round kitchen table there red. Red and and then sand it to make it look old. Put mexican patterns around it, small birds in trees.

I take the Mac to the apple store on wedsday so live cam will begin shortly after.


Olivia said...

Good for you, Suzi, for having the courage to follow your heart at a young age. I waited until I was almost 50 to do this...what a great gift to yourself to do what you want to. Whatever you do, Suzi, you are creative and unique, and optimally your job should reward that. If it doesn't, but rewards conformity and following proscribed routines, I don't think you'll be very happy. Plus the world will miss out on your great gifts!

Blessings, Olivia

lynne h said...

suzi, i say hooray for you!!! really, my hat's off to you... i've been a teacher but i don't teach now. kids are wonderful but the school system's not. (and that's all i'll say... heh, i will NOT go on and on : ).

be your beautiful free spirit self. the world needs more beautiful free spirit selves!!

olivia, your post says it so well!



suzi blu said...

For the record, I am 40. so Im right there with everyone else at midlife and the crisis. Its good tho, this is finally the age that pushed me over the edge. Now I feel grown up enough to live how I want.

lynne h said...

off the subject a little, but not really... there's a great article on ornette coleman (jazz saxophone/music genius) in the dec. 13 issue of 'rolling stone'. he's been true to his muse for 70 + years. truly an inspiration for those of us walking off the beaten path. read the article if you can-- he's incredible.


AnnaDenise said...

Good for you. This is very inspirational to read. I think we can choose to live the life we want. We can't sit around waiting for our perfect life to find us, we have to make decisions and just go for it.

I think you're immensely talented. Hang in there, things will work out if you follow your heart. It sounds blaah, but I really believe that. People recognize it when you're genuine about your love for art.

gina said...

suzi , you are 8 years younger than me and ive been spending the past 12 years practicing my art for something i know god has put in me the passion for creating. it will never leave us we are blessed not to see the world as the so called normal people .i always thought i was normal but no im not and now im glad .we can choose who we want to be and the world cant stop us you go girl

suzie q said...

I am so with you, suzi. Id been at home with my son for many years and just got back into the rat race (a job) this year...for What?!! A load of stress and grief and very little else! dumb move..

'filled with admiration for you, girl, for following your heart and living your dream :) hope your mac's fixed soon. Stay strong and be very happy!

Big Hugs for you & pooh xXx suze

kelly said...

Hey Suzi I can't wait for pooh zen cam. And OMG you look like you're twelve(i read a comment u made earlier)!
You are an awesome Goddess and I thank you for sharing you life with us.
Also, GMAIL has a chat system if you are interested.

Have a good day

Jillian said...

Ah! I've done the normal 9-5 thing for years and years...doing lots of things 1/2-assed and nothing really really well. Still don't know what I want to be when I grow up (I've got 6 yrs on you, Suzi).

How about a call out to all us closet DIY'rs that have done cool stuff to our places?? Would love to see photos from other people. The one project I did, that I'm most proud of, is my fruit-crate label collaged backsplash in my kitchen.

mariatherese said...

Dear Suzi,
YOU ARE AN ARTIST. You know that. If you keep escaping or avoiding that fact by working with things that are just excuses for really living - then what? Will you feel fulfilled since you're doing it for your mother's neighbours? What, what, what?
Go on, make art. Just do it. Make a business out of it - or make it a job, whatever sounds less harsh. Making money from art isn't a bad thing. And I'm registering for this thing simply to say this because I'm really upset you've ever gone against your own will.
And f**k those homophobes. Not literally though, they don't deserve it. Argh!

Anonymous said...

Suzi - I'm so happy for you for choosing to be AUTHENTIC! =) Go off now and LIVE YOUR LIFE! You and Pooh. I can't wait to see it all unfold before you (as we'll get to watch it all through your totally awesome videos!)

Yay, Suzi!

Blessings ~ Donna

magicalmuse said...

Um I think you are lying that you are 40. You look 19 or 21 tops. Good for you on the taking back your life and making it what YOU want it to be!!

Anonymous said...

Hi from a kindred spirit who shuns the rat race too!Your art work would make delightfully magical book illistrations.But you don't need to wait for a publisher if you make a book on DVD.Thanks for letting me have a little peek into you life and Art.

Amanda Edwards said...

Have you created any new masterpieces while you are waiting for your Mac doctor? I agree with everyone else, you don't look 40! What is your seceret - good genes?

suzi blu said...


Books on DVD you say. How does one do that? What program would I use to set that up. How do the pages turn? I aM working on a book as we speak. so this would be an amazing idea.

wow WAIT! A dvd of videa and text and pictures! GASP!

suze said...

Follow your heart - you were put here for art.
I can't tell you how many different "jobs" I've had. Art is what makes me happy.
I say good for you!
If age is just a number then you can't be 40!
suze :)

Kel - away from Kel's Space and lookin' at yours! said...

"I dont want to be in the rat race. Let the rats win."
OMG I agree sooooooooo much, I stepped off that damn treadmill this year and although I am still settling down into my new life, it is so much richer (yeah, poorer too, but richer in the ways that matter. Good luck with it all! I know what you mean about being excited about everything, I still keeping choosing cool stuff to do 'when I'm grown up'. Um yeah, I'm 35 already, when do I think this growing up is gonna happen?

a simple offering said...

I still can't believe you are 40!