Sunday, December 16, 2007

in a bad. bad. mood.

I put up two videos on youtube if you want to check them out you can get there thru the video link on the RIGHT here in that list over there that says my videos. Ill put them on the channel page.

I am not happy though. the videos I am making now are much much too blurry compared to the videos I did with my crappy pc and I have no idea why. Im about ready to cry.

Im uploading them to blip tv and I know they will be clear at least there. for now this will have to do.
I need to find out what the hell is going on.



mercury said...

are you trying to peer pressure pooh? ;o)

mercury said...

oh never mind... it's not what I thought at all ;o)

Sherree said...

Suzi you came through again girl. Every week I think it can't be as good as last week, then I watch you and it's even better!

You are such a blessing to me and all of your cyber baby goddesses.

It didn't seem blurry to me. Maybe I should say it didn't seem any more blurry than every thing else without my glasses.

Kirsty said...

Wow, it's kind of spooky how often your videos synch completely with what's going on in my life.

It was my 40th birthday yesterday, we threw a fabulous party and I had a great time. But earlier in the year I'd had a lot of anxiety and sadness about the idea of turning 40, particularly around the thought that I haven't 'made it' as an artist yet. But sheesh, 40's just a number.

My resolution for the next year is to stop letting my poor health, my lack of money and more importantly my fears rule my life and just go ahead and do things anyway. You are so right, we'll all be a long time dead.

Oh and Suzi, you totally don't look 40, it must be all that eating out of jars!

Stellan said...

don't cry!!! your videos are perfect dammit!!! its youtube's fault. they make your videos come out blurry!

lynne h said...

they look good, suzi!! very, very good! and they made me laugh and smile and get out of this pissy mood!


Angela said...

Gorgeous beautiful Goddess Suzi Blu, I just can NOT believe you are 40??!! The first time i watched the vid. i thought you were joking! You are SO TOTALLY HOT for 40! In all honesty i actually thought you were maybe 30-32 at the most! Watching your vids, seeing you make your art, and just being you makes my heart smile. I'd love to see you write a book one day! Oh and you mentioned a while ago that you got the beeswax technique from a book you'd read, what was the name and author of that book?
Keep up the great work honey!
Love it!

Judy Wise said...

Hey Suzi, I thought the videos looked great. You are such a perfectionist. ;-D xo

suzi blu said...

ANGELA, The book is called COLLAGE DISCOVERY by Claudine Hellmuth.

And after much discussion tonight with Tascha I remember now how much light affects the pixels on the computer screen. If it is not super bright then you see pixels, and its a shame to have spent all this money for a computer that will make it look clear if I become lazy and light up the set with one crappy light. lazy lazy girl.

I am a perfectionist in regard that I can handle accidents, it doesnt have to be all planned out, but the finished hole must not be mediocre. If that makes sense. I give a thing room to go out onto its own but the end result must represent the vision.

and to me, blurry fuzzy edges are distracting. Luckily I can just get some more lamps and pay a bit more attention next time. and perhaps wash my hair.

Anonymous said...

If you are using he same software with the same codec then the fault may be with youtube compresssing (compression throws away some of the detail in the video file to make it smaller)your uploaded video file too much when they convert it into the format they need.No matter how good your source video quality is youtube will always trash the quality with conversion and compression to some degree.You could try giving them a video file which conforms to the format they recommend and hope that they dont compress that too much. But your videos are already above average in quality so you probably upload mpeg4 640x480 video files already which is about the best you can do. You could try and make or convert your videos files into 320x240 flv format and hope they don't compress flv video format files as much as mpeg4.But my guess would be that the only gain you would get from 320x240 flv files is faster video upload speeds from the smaller file size. There are more details of what youtube recommends at:
software is probably not good enough to convert your videos into 320x240 flv video format files without some loss of audio sync problems unless the video is very short.But you could try it anyway.
best of luck.
from an englishman