Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I'm calling him 'Bad Santa'

I call her JENNY because she reminds me of Jenny from the L word that I was watching just
before making this, last seasons finale when she is lost at sea in a row boat.
You can find her on ebay HERE


diddley said...

I like the 'bad santa' sketch... great character (and a bit of menace) in his face. I hope to see him painted in full color too! You capture expression so well.
Thanks for the inspiration Suzi Blu! :)

kizam said...

OOOhh love the lady in black....beautiful...hope you are staying warm and happy...thanks for sharing

dreamy girl said...

dear suzi, oh suzi suzi suzi...
i love your art, i just fould out about you on google when i was searching about art journaling and you're great. i know you are probably VERY busy but i wrote you an e-mail and i just wanted to know if i e-mailed you on the right address? do you still go to your g mail???
whenever you have time, it can be after a year, i will wait, plese write back :) i send you my love and happiness....
p.s. i have a couple of ideas that we (all art journalers)could do so to show our bond..if you want i can e-mail you and tell you more about it. sorry if the start of my letter is a bit sad, i was lonely that day:)
c u <3

Julie said...


And in other news... I won I won I won the jester girl! I'm so excited! I never win on Ebay and now I can have one of your wonderful pieces of art in my house!