Monday, December 03, 2007

check this out

when I leave the house I can put pooh zen cam on. this is a great site. Ive been watching this puppy for 20 minutes now.


whats cool is that we can have live cam and have a chat room too. so its a group experience.

My internet speed is not nearly enough. You need 400 and I barely have 100 with the DSL. thats ok. we'll make ichat and aol work.
there is also stickcam right? i have to look into that.


Jillian said...

Awwwww...he was sleeping when I looked in on him. Clicking on him did not wake him up though. :)

changapeluda said...

OMG what the fuck are you even talking about?!?

glad You Got it!!!

and also this is my only semi-viable form of communication as my yahoo is kerplooey on da clunker which i am stubbornly using until i can afford an 18 pack of Bud to get me in the door w/the computer guy....
re: your comment you make me wish my heart was BIGGER (altho i will say it's plenty sturdy having been broken so Many times then put back is a fuckin muscle after all idn't it??)!