Monday, December 31, 2007

Zen Pooh Cam LIVE tonight!

Zen pooh cam and suzi chat scheduled for New Years EVE
9:30 PM EST

Just chatting. so if you dont want to be alone come and hang out. 

If you're on Cali time though, I aint stayin up til 3 and ringing it in twice so get your suzi love
while shes awake.

Have a wonderful time tonight and without sounding preachy - I love you just how you are, booze does not make you better.  And if you feel too shy to be your wild self without booze tonight, then perhaps you are with the wrong people? Just something to think about.

Stay safe. be beautiful. 
suzi and pooh  =^_^=

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Suzi Blu Art Vlog



From what Im understanding, after you click to play you should let it download all the way before you watch it thru, thats why it keeps stopping periodically, it takes awhile to download. not sure why.
you can download this video for podcast at:

Go to the above link and subscribe to my podcast and it will download directly into your itunes (windows PC has itunes too) and you can see my videos quickly and in full screen.

I am going to put up the youtube version later today.

Supplies used:
lavander and green cardstock
140 lb watercolor paper
cheapie craft paints in contrasting colors
Dr. Martins transparent watercolor - violet
Golden Fluid Acrylics - Quinacridone Gold
paper towel
paper cutter

Here is the Youtube Version:

Friday, December 28, 2007

Paint and Pass #2

This is a wonderful project where Jared Knight starts a painting and then 20 different people work on it. One of the artists before me on this one is 4 years old! It was fun I want to do more. Check out his youtube channel and you can be a part of it too.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

your opinion

So my goddesses, since I respect your opinions above all others, tell me what you think.
Above are 3 pics and tell me which idea you like the best.
I have cut out paper dolls - now do you like the doll alone, or with her friend? and do you like the doll flat to the paper or or or, as in the 2nd photo, raised above about 1/2 inch so you can see a shadow. none of it is done of course, the dolls are not painted much and the background will be a deteriorated collage - but which one so far? What do you think? wax will be applied so the figures when glued onto the paper will not appear to have any seams (the magic of wax). Even if I keep it raised and elevated from the canvas it will be waxed over as well.
what to do. what to do.
Ill be working on it Tuesday morning but not before 9 am so you have time to tell me.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tell Me If This Works For You

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Does it stop after a few seconds and keep doing that? Thats what is happening to me. I dont know if its my connection/my computer/or the site its on. Let me know you're experience please!
Click To Play

Life Book: Rub On Words

This is uploaded to youtube. Notice the difference.

in a bad. bad. mood.

I put up two videos on youtube if you want to check them out you can get there thru the video link on the RIGHT here in that list over there that says my videos. Ill put them on the channel page.

I am not happy though. the videos I am making now are much much too blurry compared to the videos I did with my crappy pc and I have no idea why. Im about ready to cry.

Im uploading them to blip tv and I know they will be clear at least there. for now this will have to do.
I need to find out what the hell is going on.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Me and You and Pooh


I'm So Glad We're Friends on sale on EbAY
This weekend I study for my math final, then its all over.
The horrible nightmare. and the new
life will begin. I want to read books in the early morning and paint
every afternoon.
That's a life me and pooh can live with.

Photo 8

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I'm calling him 'Bad Santa'

I call her JENNY because she reminds me of Jenny from the L word that I was watching just
before making this, last seasons finale when she is lost at sea in a row boat.
You can find her on ebay HERE

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Art Playshops With Suzi Blu: Layouts-n-Morality

Kind of low energy cause Im just getting over the flu, and I still dont understand compression settings enough - it should be much clearer. but here we are. and next sunday it WILL be up by 6pm since I wont have school to get in the way.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

muffin love

If we all click at this site daily - a quota will be filled and people will send money to feed hungry animals.


Im about to do math then make carrot muffins.
you covet my muffins I know you do
: P

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007

check this out

when I leave the house I can put pooh zen cam on. this is a great site. Ive been watching this puppy for 20 minutes now.


whats cool is that we can have live cam and have a chat room too. so its a group experience.

My internet speed is not nearly enough. You need 400 and I barely have 100 with the DSL. thats ok. we'll make ichat and aol work.
there is also stickcam right? i have to look into that.

Life is good.

I have a 3 year warranty so no worries right? they will fix it. and then. oh and then. it will be awesome. I dont turn on that computer now because I dont want to unintentionally make the problem worse. I dont want to work with it until I can see video.

so I have withdrawn from all of my classes except the math that I need for my BA. even two weeks to go until the semester ends it is not worth the hassle. I do not want to teach little kids and none of these classes go towards my bachelors degree. (its from another school entirely) Im done, I give up! Im taking my life back!

you should hear my mom on the phone too as she tells me about what she tells her girlfriends. how Im going to work with the handicapped. I did get very excited about it, for one afternoon, but I also got excited about becoming a professional dog washer and moving to Canada. I am an easily excitable girl. Its amazing I havent joined the circus. So I let her be happy and she finally has something to tell her friends she can be proud of. I know she just wants to see me stable and doesnt believe I can be with the art thing. But I do. I think with 2 hour dvd playshops I could make a nice life for myself. and publish childrens books as well. me and pooh sleeping late and drinking yummy hot things. no stress. no running. no more running! I cant do it. its not me. I dont want to be in the rat race. Let the rats win.

I dropped my car off at the shop so they can put heat in it again. mmmm heat.
Tomorrow I begin the rest of my life. All I have is math homework to concentrate on now, which makes it kind of fun. Im on a DIY decorating kick too as I fashion an 'area' for you all to watch during Live Cams. Pooh has a chair near the cam for pooh zen cam, and Im thinking of painting the round kitchen table there red. Red and and then sand it to make it look old. Put mexican patterns around it, small birds in trees.

I take the Mac to the apple store on wedsday so live cam will begin shortly after.

This Might Be A Love Letter

Hello Mr. Steve, I am a former PC user who just 4 days ago switched over to YOUR side of the world, and wanted to tell you a little something. Its a love letter of sorts because WOW this is a beautiful computer. I am an inspiring Video aRt How To Queen whos growing fan base lead me to take all of my student loan money and invest $2700 dollars of iMac LOVE. Putting off paying for the heat I do not have in my car (brrrr....its cold here in Dirty Jersey)... So With no apple stores near me I drove, at night, in the cold, to your beautiful store in Cherrry Hill some 40 mintues away. Someone told me that I should open the imac up in the store, edit, export video right there but I said NAY! I trust this beautiful white apple. And so I bought it, took it home, and opened it there. And so, Mr Steve. It has a color anomalie. reds and fleshtones, anything bright, flickers like a neon sign advertising GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS gone wild all over the video I would like to make. Still photos too. Video is unwatchable.So I call up a wonderful technician on your 1-800 line, he couldnt help me but his boss did, er, tried to. Wanted me to install new updates then call back and he would speak to me. I installed, the problem remained so I called him, but he never called back. Not for 2 days now. I left all of my info on the phone (case number, phone, etc). Im just sayin Mr. Steve, since its your company and all, that it shouldnt be like this. I want to love yr company. I do. Im an artist. I feel like its my right to own a Mac. and Im willing to pay the money for a new processor and whole new system each time HELL I dont mind. But Id like it to work when I took it home. I know you cannot control every nuance of what happens in such a large company, Im a realistic girl, but perhaps whatever caused this ANOMALLY (had to look it up, now I love that word and try to fit it into casual sentences. I think of myself as an anomally. so me and the flickering video and photo lights probably belong together), maybe there is an error in the way things are loaded, I dont know. Adriene (extension 2385 from the california store) should have called me back after I was so nice to him when I probably should have been fuming. I worried because he was working overtime. I encouraged him to get coffee. I bought the best of the best iMacs Mr. Steve. I am a 5'2 inch girl in a tiny apartment with dying plants. I gave you my savings. I shouldnt have this driver problem. I bought a powerful computer with the best of everything. It should have been perfect when I brought it home. At the very least Adriene should have called me back. I wanted to have faith in your company, Hold onto the dream that yes, business could be different, But its just another organization isnt it?With clever marketing.Sigh. Sincerely,Suzi Bluof SUZIBLUTUBE

Sunday, December 02, 2007

2 Things

One, Im hacking. a crazy hack and it hurts. I should have bought a decongestant. I got Robitussin DM and it does nothing. nothing. nothing. Im in hacking hell.
What cough syrup/decongestant should I buy so I can endure math tomorrow?

Two, since I cannot right click to select and save a picture on the web, I have not a clue how to do it with the mac.   How do I select?

Oh Baby!

so $2,700 dollars later...
I have the BIGGEST (24 inches. Its 4 times the size of my head)
and FASTEST (2.8 GHz 2 Duo processor) computer EVAH!
so what that I live in a studio using milk crates as furniture,

of course there is a glitch, there is a color anomaly ( video and photographs look solarized) but I am assured this is not a big deal and can be fixed. the guy is calling me back.  I have a 3 year warranty in which everything is covered so Im not worried.

I have iChat now - if youre on OR have an AOL instant message name send me an email and Ill add ya as my buddy.  Im still sick and not pretty to look at today but it should be interesting to watch me sneeze and eat bags of cough drops.

this is kewl.
I never have to me lonelysad again : D

I just thought of it.  I could paint live on cam. not to teach or anything but just PAINT CAM. I LOVE that idea. Suzi paint cam.  Pooh cam.  ah  hahahah ha haha  POOH CAM IS AWESOME. although. pooh would have to be in the realm of the cam and its kind of high on the computer. but still, so many possibilities.  if you have art questions we can just chat.  maybe we can group chat? I dont know how iChat works.  

this is so kewl.