Thursday, November 08, 2007

video is done and nearly 10 minutes long. I had to find a new place to host it and it will take a few hours to upload so now we are looking at tomorrow morning.

I made a smaller one for YT that I was going to let you see but Id rather you see yours first. you know I make special longer videos for my bloggers dont you? I dont even like making the small 3 minute YT ones anymore but its great exposure. Its so much more FREEING to make the longer ones. I rattle on and on about this and that its awesome.

so I do apologiz, but it is done! and its long! its got pooh and fairies and new songs and silliness. It will be worth it. come back to see me in the a.m.

goodnight darlings.

Miss blu


eM said...

10 minutes long? and i have to wait 'til tomorrow morning?!?
wow, it feels like christmas, or chanuka or kwanza or...anyways, i can hardly wait, but wait is is tomorrow.. oh joy!

eM said...

oops, not quite yet, eh?

Leila said...

That's more then okay, it's definitely worth the wait, especially if it has fairies in it, I'm a fairy 'addict'. Can you be addicted to fairies? I love fairies, have pictures and books, and stickers, etc., craziness.
Love ya Suzi, sleep well.

changapeluda said...

buenos noches/goodnight gracie!

oh hey...
ten minutes with you is almost a smiths song i used to hummm
when i was in high school

***o-oooh i wouldn't say no***

and passwords are so
hiddenly Powerful, aren't they?

changapeluda said...

hiddenly powerful
as in
magically delicious
(lucky charms)


suze said...

something to look forward to.....can't wait!
suze :)<3

Cindy said...

I had forgotten it was Thursday night until I cruised on over here to check out your blog and read this. Now, I'm missing something I was even expecting! LOL! How's that for a silly girl!?! Seriously, you are worth the wait, and this will just give me something to do tomorrow, so I am looking forward to SuzieBlue on Friday! Can't wait!

Sama said...

I miss being able to see your videos at your blog. You know the little window you had before with all of them gathered.
Great video and the fairie is beautiful!

Mariposa said...

Here is the thing... I think you're trying too hard to "teach" and sometimes teaching is just a natural extension of who you are. Your videos? They are wonderful teaching tools. If you've noticed, you sing, your silly, you're creative and you are then encouraging those who view your videos to do the same.

Honestly, teaching pre-school isn't much different and you naturally have all the tools already at your disposal. You teach them with song, you teach them with art because in the end, those are the things that stick with a young child. *smiles* In other words... you need to be yourself! Want to borrow my kids? They're not pre-schoolers but hey,they're close enough. (6 and 7 years old.)

suzi blu said...

on the top where it says Suzi Blu things there is a link that says video. click it and it will take you to every video Ive ever made!

Sama said...

I know, but at youtube you can't watch them all in a row, which was possible in that little window you had... (yes I love your videos)