Sunday, November 25, 2007


whenever I watch videos now on youtube - the video stutters and skips frames so something is wrong somewhere. If it were a PC Id defrag but I have no clue how to stop this.

and so Ive tried to upload the various quicktime files Ive made onto youtube, onto, but it gets stuck in 'contacting site' and never uploads.

I have video. not good video not great video but I have learned the program and next time I can do something very great. but great is not even good if no one can see it.

I will breathe
and be patient.
Ive been bent over since 9 this morning and its now about 6.


Sherree said...

Have some tea Suzi. Give Kitty Cat kisses. It will come in good time.

kelly said...

how big are your quicktime files?

kelly said...

Also. If your notice your computer is slowing down, restart the mac. OSX can eat up a lot of memory.