Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Morning I Have Been DIVINELY TOUCHED

Thats it Goddesses, I am starting my own religion.
Lets make a religion dedicated TO ART.
And to start off with
as your Pastress of Pink Paint and Butterfly Wings
Ok? do you hear me? No matter what youve done - you did it with a messed up head. You are not to blame. Seriously. Listen to me. When you do f**ked up things its cause you are thinking f**ked up thoughts. You would do better at the time if you thought you could.
You are not a sinner
you are a goddess
The universe loves you. always.

I think a religion to art would be Tre' Kewl. We could make up rituals and have altars ooh ooh ooh! and wear funny hats. and have songs. Its so needed. More so than anything I endured listening to this morning which was all god has a penis and Im a bad person.

I must write a paper on sexual scripts for my marriage class then I will be back with art from yesturday.

lalalala LA!


Brahdelt said...

Well, that's why I gave up catholicism, I was fed up with such kind of philosophy. Let's just concentrate on being good happy people and making beautiful things that move our hearts and souls! *^v^*

changapeluda said...
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changapeluda said...


i totally just sang that
to see if i typed it out right
sounds pretty fuckin good to
me! I'm an ex catholic shool girl and have Not baptized any of my 3 babies OMG original sinners are we...they can totally be
baptized into this new religion and i would be just fine (as i'm sure would they)
sing it w/me it sounds kinda goofy but also wolfish and satisfying.

And also, too:
anytime i get to wear a funny hat, i am so fucking there!

Anonymous said...

I truly wish that I could have that kind of outlook on life, but working in the sex crimes division of the police department for 8 years, and homicide for 4 years before that, I have to say that I completely believe in sin. I have encountered way too many people who do things out of pure cruelty and evilness. It goes way beyond not thinking straight. I am glad there are people out there like you who can see things in a completely optimistic light because it counteracts the things that are truly bad in this world.

suzi blu said...

Well, like all good religious leaders I can say that I falter from my beliefs a good % of the time,so I need to be SAVED as much as anyone else. ha. and its hard to swallow when people do bad things to me and to those I love..but no I do not believe in evil. Ive taken enough psychology courses to know that people are messed up. And this is not an excuse for their behavior, unless we are insane we are all responsible for what we do...but just consider it for a moment. Someone who commits a crime, they think they are getting some need met right? Whether it is wrong or immoral is beside the point - people get their needs met by any way possible. The more emotionally healthy of us do it without hurting other peope. This is what is meant by Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do. Consciously they are directing their own behavior, yes, but they are coming from a perspective that is so cloudy they literally cant see straight, think straight, feel any attachment to what they are doing.

But none of this is required for the ARt rEligion (which needs a better name). We only need to forgive ourselves and allow ourselves to make things and be happy about it.

eM said...

i don't think it means anything,
but it could be a cool name for the art religion
i like the way it sounds
the way it shapes my lips
and the light rush of air that comes out when
i say it
feels like a soft whisper
or a delicate breeze
subtle yet noticeable

lynne h said...

suzi, i ordain you High Priestess of Love, Tolerance, and Art. you're definitely qualified. : )


Judy Wise said...

Are we exempt from taxes then?

Anonymous said...

How about we just call ourselves "Spiral Dancers" (to borrow the title from an old Cocteau Twins song ;)...?

I was looking at the etymolgy for the word "inspire" and it's all connected with: "draw (air) into the lungs; inhale, inflame, breathe, (divine inspiration), arousing emotion, "influence or animate with an idea or purpose"...

but also descends from the root "spiritus" for *soul*....

also "spiral" is connected to inspire...

So it's like how each of us indivually are inspired by something divine to create, the divine flame that breathes inspiration in each of us, that whispers to us to create (because creation is divine)...

how our ideals spiral out from that enflamed source, spiral and morph (a very snake-like image, thus once again, the goddess embodied) and evolve into something that we eventually breathe life into, in the physical world...

Anyway, just a thought, gals :)
I think suzi can have the final say cuz she thought of it, and it's her blog!! :)

lisa in Spain

moth said...

im in. high priestess moth manifest.. and preaching art is what im good at. lets do this!

Barbara said...

You're so right. Guilt is counterproductive.

Also, thanks for inspiring me.

kizam said...

YES! yes! that's what i'm tawkin bout....yes...a religion of art...i want a ritual, and melting wax over canvas is close, light the incense, but not too much and
i agree that we should have hats....and maybe a theme song...we have to have singing...
and no guilt....we are good. we are love. and the main reason for a congregation is to be there for each other...we need it, we want it we deserve it...

being an x-catho too i never believed that babies had sin....original sin wtf? i do see the evildoers, yes there are evil people, i am proud of people who work with them, my love goes out to you how you try to understand any of it...i also agree w/suzi that it is learned behavior, i don't think babies are born evil, it's probably dietary, and i've heard the first seven years of life are shaping the person we will become. like autism, there is a window between 3-6yrs old where you can cure this with diet and socialization=love, but if you miss that window of time the person gets stuck ... and its more difficult to change and heal.
i feel like i've been stuck for awhile and this year we are going to take back the night ladies and kind poets. thank you for being.
love love love

Anonymous said...

An overgrowth of yeast can cause a person to not think clearly. So can having Mercury fillings in the mouth. For years I stuggled with depression to the point of always feeling I wanted to just let go of life. I believed in God though. So I always had him to talk to. I finally asked him in Jesus name what was wrong with me. I was 40 and was getting so I couldn't breath very good and I don't smoke and getting weaker. I have FMS. The thought that came into my mind after that prayer was to see a Naturopathic Doctor. So I went to one. She new right away what was wrong. Said I had proably had Candida since I was a child. The symptoms I had as a child were floaters in front of my eyes and craved sweets. I went on a Candida diet for 3 months and took some herbs of some sort. I noticed after the Candida was killed off that I could finally think clearly for once in my life. I didn't have PMS anymore. I was either tired or cranky at that time of the month.
Some of the pain I had left, no floaters anymore and the depression was gone. No more crushing headaches. Stopped worrying about stuff. There is a big long list of things I didn't have anymore. 90% of the population has Candida to some degree.
I think people need to do more cleansing a Dr. Jordin Rubin I was listening to on TBN had a disease that almost made him die, went to the bible and got cured from doing what the Bible said. He is on TBN on Mondays or Tuesdays. You'll have to look at the time he is on in your area if you'd like to watch him. I think I heard him say we all should fast at least one day a week. Give our digestive system a break. Also Valerie Saxion is on Tuesday mornings on Dr. Don Colbert wrote some books too on fasting. I think I heard him on Joyce Meyers show one time talking about that stinkin thinkin. We need to eat more healthy foods. Get away
from prepared pkged. foods. There is to much junk in the foods nowadays that mess people up.

Have a Blessed Month Suzi!

Flassie's Fil'a