Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday sUnday

Talking about issues is a good thing even when people disagree. The problem with the world is that people think just because they take different sides of an issue they need to not like each other. conversation and debate is always good, always. And in this blog I would like people to say exactly how they feel as long as it is done with respect and without personal attack.

As far as culture and the fear of loosing it - my opinion - this is like DNA mixing. Eventually everyone is going to sleep with everyone and we will all be one color YAY! Although I appreciate and love different cultures I do not fear them mixing. HOW WONDERFUL MY WORLD IS that I can eat chinese food, mexican food, go to an ashram and learn buddhist secrets, have a cannoli for lunch, and I am all the better for it. My life is mixed media. All blended together. I can make mexican crafts and pretend I live in Mexico I can make mosaics and imagine I live in Tuscany. What is the difference if I am from there or not?

Have you seen the movie Gangs Of New York? When the second wave of immigrants came the first wave felt threatened. They called themselves 'natives', these were Irish right? I forget. They felt like the new immigrants were taking their jobs intruding with their culture, changing if America represents one place in time like a snapshot and thats how it should be ALWAYS.

But if there is a definition of America then it is of mixed peoples, and at what point do you say Okay enough cultures we want just one...what, yours? Not any one culture defines America, that is the point. That is the whole reason it was started. But that doesn't mean we have to cling to our given culture. Yes they are going to blend yes time passes and the way it is now is nOt the way its always going to be. Stop grasping. You are clinging to an idea only out of fear. Your culture does NOT define you. How limiting! Its like putting peas on one side of your plate and the mash potatoes on the other OH MY GOODNESS DONT LET THEM TOUCH.

I say - make a mess! Let there be food mixing culture combination CHAOS.


I have to go to church this morning and idontwanna! (whine).
For my world religions class I must give a presentation weds, I chose a Baptist church.
I actually like church in that it is otherworldly. I like catholic churches because of the pagentry and incense and DRAMA. I would lik to go and confess in a little booth. I havent done that since Ive been, eh, hrm. 12? what sins could I have possibley had at that age? I didnt even know what a blow job was.

No but really. I dont believe in sin. Still though, I like church. It would be nice to be caught up in something this morning. I wish I knew a church in which people were prone to speaking in tongues. That would be an interesting morning.

Church or skewl or foodshopping its hard to get me out of the house in the morning. I resent it. I want to linger over tea and answer my plethera of unread emails. I want to pet pooh who is acting strangely I want to show you what I painted all day yesturday when I turned off the phone and SAT THERE and worked.

Be back tonight with pretty pictures of art.


joan said...

Hi Suzi Sue!

Please do let us know how church was! I haven't been in a confessional since I was 12 either, but you're right nothing beats the pageantry of catholic church.
And hey! I only go to tongue talking churches now... God so rocks!
Cannot wait to see your newest art.. and I'm with you mix those peas and mashed potatoes :)

Seeking Simplicity said...

Well... I remember an "X-File" episode with a holy roller type church... snakes wrapped around arms... and people worked up into a trance-like frenzy... and man they were speaking in tongues.

Of course... I'm pretty sure if I had snakes wrapped around my arms... and hissing around my feet, I probably would be stomping and cussing (but that is a form of speaking with the tongue).


kizam said...

Good morning! wow it's amazing that a simple little child's story can become such a good conversation starter eh? good job Suzi. i hope you have a great time at church. i like the churches that sing, although i haven't been to one lately, the catholics cured me of wanting to participate about 40 years ago probably cuz they didn't sing or have any fun and they basically work off guilt...and i wanted to say i agree with you about the world turning the same color...all the people some shade of brown, wouldn't that be heaven? well pray for us Suziblu. i think church is whereever you are, the gods n goddesses will hear us. Bless us. Love us. Protoect us. Inspire us. like you do!

Anonymous said...

Try a Pentecostal church. They are the ones that speak in tongues.
Not to be judgmental but how do you not believe in sin? What would murder be if it's not a sin? Just a question...

Anna said...

"No but really. I dont believe in sin. Still though, I like church. It would be nice to be caught up in something this morning. I wish I knew a church in which people were prone to speaking in tongues. That would be an interesting morning."

Ok I love that last part of that. I attend a church that is pentecostal, and I totally believe in speaking in tongues. I know a lot of people who don't understand it think it's insane, but I think it's the most awesome experience ever. It's like you're truly speaking to God, and you know 100% that he's listening. Not that you wanted a sales pitch on being filled with the spirit, but I thought I would throw it out there anyway.

I totally agree with you culture veiw. I don't understand why people cling onto a heritage they were never really a part of, and try to exclude everyone else out of it. I say share it, and embrace others as well, and don't feel like you HAVE to cling to that culture to find your identity. Who you are NOW is what counts.

This comment ended up being very long.....

Marilyn said...

The part about the Catholic church cracked me up. I was raised Catholic (taught by nuns for 8 years and had to attend Mass 6 days a week)...and I always joke that it was great THEATRE! :) And the confessional...jeez-louise...I remember having to go to confession every Saturday starting in 2nd grade...and MAKING UP SINS so I'd have something to confess. That is SO wrong! ;)

PJ said...

BINGO! (about some people's fear with mixing)

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

I grew up going to a Baptist church... YAWN! I stopped going when I was around 10 or 12. My father thought we kids would be closer to god running around the woods... How true. That being said my partner was raised a Jehovah's Witness and I'm fascinated by all their crazy stuff. While I don't believe in organized religion and I question the existence of God she's a firm believer.

For awhile we attended a Unitarian Universalist church. We didn't go to a very good one but they sort of pick and chose from a great deal of religions and have some pomp and circumstance along with their routine including a nice little ceremony where you can go up in front of the whole church and give affirmations, it was the one cool part of the whole experience for me. But now that we've moved we're close to a UU church that's base is Wicca!!! (I'm just out side of Salem, MA.) I'm tempted to go just to hear the sermons. I heard the pastor speak once and it was powerful.

Most days I think I can get closer to god by spending some time in my studio that is if he or she exists.

Renee said...

Hey Suzi - I hope church went well. Churches actually scare me. The last time I went to church the pastor was giving a sermon on women obeying men and I just couldn't stomach that kind of thing... and this church was a supposedly liberal church... pfft!

As a side note, I cracked up at the comment about not knowing what a blow job was at 12. I remember being in sex ed when I was 13 and the teacher would talk about oral sex and I thought she meant kissing! hahaha...

much love


Robyn said...

I have been working 14 hour daze for 2 weeks and am sooooooooooo far behind in my blogging anf blog reading that I could just cry.

I love this entry. You have such a great attitude to life. I have just started going back to church after more years than I care to remember. I think that I understand the point now that I am a 'mature' person and besides, it gives me an hour each week with an excuse to just sit and BE.