Saturday, November 24, 2007

something something soon today

1) iBook 2004=I uploaded video-deleted it-emptied the trash - yet it doesnt go back to the original 19 gig that I had its staying at 17. I havent put any other files on it - so the question is: tell me all the places where files can hide.  

I know I know, go to the genius bar. I will tomorrow if they have an open appointment.

2)Since I am between editing programs at the moment I will make a vlog for you today.  Something small with the Mac. Hopefully my student loan check is in the box today and I can upgrade and get newer editing programs! YAY!

3) so I will see you kitties later today.

little kisses


zorana said...

If you used iDVD or iMovie it could be saved as a project (under the same name) on your main hard drive - documents and you have to delete it there too.
Can't wait for the new video! You are a constant inspiration. xo

Anonymous said...

Zorana is correct. Often on a Mac when you delete something you're really just deleting a link. Like in iTunes when you delete a song from a playlist it still remains in your library. Do a search for the file name and it should tell you where the file is stored.

Dave said...

Good luck with getting everything all set!

Sheree Rensel said...

Did you do a search and then go to EVERY file shown in the search? I know this might seem obvious, but I have missed the obvious before. On your iBook, click desktop, go up to toolbar, click FILE, scroll down click FIND, type name of file in search box. ALL those files should be in there somewhere.

kelly said...
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kelly said...

Ok what software did you use?