Monday, November 26, 2007

Skating Blissfully

Well, if I cant upload videos at least we can watch someone who can. I almost cried watching this. Tascha deserves all of our love.


Anne, Bulles dorées said...

Merci de partager cette vidéo... J'ai découvert votre blog il y a quelque jours grâce à un lien sur un autre blog, j'adore ce que vous faites, c'est magnifique !!

Hope said...

I DID cry!!!


red tin heart said...

How sweet. We all long for a best girlfriend.. xoxo Nita

altermyworld said...

Oh how beautiful this little film is, it reminds of corn fields frozen over and putting on our boots and going ice skating. My best friend and I used to laugh at each other so hard when we fell, yet we always helped each other up. It was such a gentle reminder of days gone by.