Monday, November 12, 2007

Shane <3 <3 <3


eM said...

have u lost your mind?!
ha ha

Renee said...


Side note: OMG at the end- Leisha with no makeup - SWOON!!!


changapeluda said...

i love you cuz i don't have cable and i don't usually get to see cool stuff like this.

makes me feel all laid back and
sexy smart, suziblu! watching stuff like

suzi blu said...

I dont have cable either I rent the episodes of Netflix. I am behind I have no idea what happened on this season!

suzi lives for this show.

the heartful blogger said...

I'm still a little upset with Shane for ditching Carmen at the altar. I have no idea what's happening this season either, they seem to have axed the show here! Boo!!!

Cherish said...

omg. I live for the L word too. Shane is adorable. and Alice is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I adore Kate so this was absolutely wonderful to watch - thanks Suzi!
And for the record, the show pretty much went to shit plot/script wise after they killed Dana .. I'm still a die hard fan though, and am longing for Janurary to see the 5th season (which I will watch religiously) ♥