Saturday, November 03, 2007


I am behind in returning emails and those Ive written to its like,'Hi! Love ya! swamped!' So I apologize, I do I do. I need to get thru the weekend and next week will be more normal. Very nomal come Decembe 17th when the semster ends and I BECOME YOURS FOR A WHOLE MONTH. goodie! The things we will do!

My list for today:
1) Write paper for Mondays Language Delay presentation
2) Make notecards for above
3) Write short paper on youth facility center field trip
4) Write Lesson plan for musical instrument
5) Math homework
6) Lesson plan for Tuesdays presentation - Modern native americans dont wear loin cloths to dinner anymore (the differences between the 1st thanksgiving and today)
7) Food shopping
8) Figure out dinner and watch FRACTURE

1) Get up early. Paint
2) Do math take home quiz
3)Read marriage chapters
4) Write marriage paper
5) Make notes for midterm
6) Give pooh fluids
7) Attend a church service and take notes for my World Religions presentation.

I just need to get thru the next 2 days!
Oh and I need so many immunizations to work with the little kids. many shots I must get next week doh!

be back soon. I promise promise OH. So I think we need to start a community in Ning. More about that later.

Friends of pooh will be a weekly thing if people want to send cute pictures of their furry and not so furry children to me before I edit on weds evenings. Furry children wearing any time of garb or accessory is a definite PLUS.

Have a wonderful saturday.
Ill post my paintings tonight.


red tin heart said...

you are a busy woman. i hope you catch a few blissful moments in between all these things. xoxo nita <3

the heartful blogger said...

Hey, thanks for thinking about Ning!

Melissa said...

Holy Cow! Thankgodness I am done with school.I suspect you would be this busy even if you weren't in school.


P.s.How do I send you a pic of furry friend in costume?

suzi blu said...


Send pictures to
suziblu AT gmail DOT com

Robyn said...

Oh, dear! What a lot of homework you have to do.

Teachers here in Australia not only have to be immunised, but also fill out an endless form to obtain a police check to ensure that we are fit to work with children.

eM said...

omg sUziBlu, another one...
how will you ever tell us appart??