Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Stuff

A bOy and hiS dOg


eM said...

it's a boy!
he is beautiful!

HopelessPoet said...

Just replying to your lil comment on my blog: nO I have never seen a chick do that with her falalalala... LOL!!! she got some skillz! lol ok ok my mind is corrupted now!!!

Have a lovely weekend my dear.

lee said...

ddid you use the beeswax on this picture

Sheree Rensel said...

You crack me up!! I just found you on YouTube. I have watched a few of your videos and they are great!!
For being so young, you are so full of wisdom.
Good for you!!! Keep up the fantastic work and positive thoughts!
Sheree Rensel

red tin heart said...

how beautiful. i love the boy and his dog! so cute. i like the way the dog is looking at his boy. i wrote a story tonight about baja the white elephant. i put it by my photo about 2 posts down from the 1st one. xoxo nita

suzi blu said...

Yes Lee Beeswax! Beeswax is next to last. last last is a bit of oil paint smooshed into the cracks. I am covering everything in beeswax I love it. Poohs poo poos are next. I want to cover them in beeswax and poor glitter over it. ha.

ok maybe not.

Robyn said...

These paintings are so beautiful they make my heart ache!

Dave said...

Ruff ruff let's go for a walk! Great painting you know how to show the whimsicalness of it all!

kelly said...

I love this painting Sue,Your little dog is precious and the boy, well, I love him too.
The beeswax look is great also. I've not tired that yet but you have
inspired me as always Suziblu.

Sending you lots of love,

kizam said...

Hi I just love your art and website!!! Good luck with school. I noticed you had on a Lake Tahoe sweatshirt...have you been to my area of california?
i'm sending you a picture of my donkey girls, MOLLY AND ROSIE. they don't have on costumes but then some women just don't need a thing to bring out their natural beauty.
Have a great Sunday!

Babytreese said...

He's SO sweet Suzi. Congratulations! The bees wax really makes it even more special.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love this art- and from the sound of these comments MUST go check out the YouTube!

kari & kijsa

eM said...

i luv him soo,
he's a bit of an outcast,
a tad disturbed
uniquely sensitve
and highly intelligent

suzi blu said...

thats neat you say that. the wax made him look a little lost but before the wax he had more of that egghead edge and you knew he was disecting insects with his junior telescope while his sister was in the next room rollling joints with her friends.

I like really smart people with giant heads. If they put it to good use.

Diane Duda said...

every boy should have a dog.
if nothing else it may teach them to appreciate their mom more when she ends up taking care of it. :)

i'm lovin' this boys trousers!

Tarnok said...

A boy!
Hes so creepy I love him!


ombre said...

i ' m french ,i don't speack english but i would like to say you : i love your art . thank you .