Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Loving what you do

Its raining but I dont mind cause
Im bout to take a big dip into the pool of my dreams! corny corny Babies! Are you coming with me? Is this the year you do what you want? rEally what you want trUely what you want - not what gives you health insurance or pay the bills but the year in which you gamble on yourself?

it is for me

So next semester there will be a change. Ill still get my BA in psyche cause Im one class away but Im putting education on hold. shhhh dont tell my mom. she was finally happy about something I was doing. Next semester I am putting my desires in a basket and hoping up the multi-media highway of love confused yet?
Next semester I am taking 1) DESKTOP PUBLISHING
3) and one class of my choosing for the 3
credit elective for my BA

No education classes no clinincs, nothing but my dreams.
I will learn how to layout book designs for the books I make and I will learn how to make the Coolest DVDs and CDROMS ever. ever ever.

Book of art and poems by stellan to be released Valantines day.
And also a 2 hour DVD that I cannot tell you yet. secret secret thoughts but its GOOD.

So there. Trust in the universe. Do what you love. Period.



kizam said...

OH Suziblu I am soooo proud of you!!!!! This is great news sweetpea....I too think this is the year we will embrace our true loves, live our best life and we all need to keep reminding each other that this is good and real and the time is right. I am trying to figure out a class to take to learn how to make these cool blogs and videos. I have an imac and i'm close to something magic and hopefully this year love and magic and peace through art. remember, You will always be able to teach children, although i think high school is a very important place to teach. You ARE an excellent teacher,(tell mom to be patient and believe) My art teachers and the english dept in high school saved my life... well Suzi have a marvelous day ... sounds like some exciting projects ahead..i can't wait to hear all about them! think think think..wink wink wink...

Paulette Insall said...

Yea!!! Good for you girlie!!!! You go after those dreams with all you've got!!! I started on the path to my dreams a year ago when I started painting after years of longing to. Next I want to.....teach online art classes. There! I put the words out there into cyberspace so there's no turning back now! lol! :D

Seriously girl....I knew when I discovered your art and videos months ago that you were destined for big things! You grab onto those dreams with both hands girl and don't let go!!!! (((((hugs)))))

Anonymous said...

OH, Suzi!!!!! How exciting! But ... you are already a teacher, you do know that? Right?
As for January, I have signed up for a Advertising and Graphic Design Certificate at a local community college - I can do it online, so I hope, I will stick with it!
I also have thought about taking art classes. I have never had one. Ever. I wish at some point I had been given a choice to take one, but I can now.
I feel rather 'dumb' about arty things - I feel like I am trying to play 'catch up' with things I should already know. Like what kind of paint do you use to do this but not that? Can I do this certain technique on paper, or not ... or or or .... well, you get the point!
But your blog has taught me to try things, so even though I don't have masterpieces, I still have my first 'witchy' woman that I drew myself!!! LOL!
Oh, I guess I could ask here, since I can't find an answer anywhere - I want to make a fairy jar. i want to layer paint inside the jar, but I do want some sparkly and shimmer to it - sort of make the paint translucent - can I add 'Luminere' stuff to acrylic paint to do that? Or do I paint the Luminere stuff on first, let it dry then paint my acrylic paint on top? I hope someone knows what I am talking about! I already ordered the Luminere stuff off DickBlick.com!!!!

Fiona said...

Suzi, grab your dreams and go for it. you are very special. And there will be quite a few of us along for the ride!

Renee said...

Those are some awesome classes you've chosen! I'm glad you've decided to do what you want to do and follow your heart... I think I'm going to follow mine part time (cuz I still have to go to the dumb office job that pays the bills.) I often spend large amounts of time dreaming of what I would do if I won the lottery and didn't have to go to the dumb office job that I hate so much. oh, the things I could do...

<3 <3 <3

red tin heart said...

I am proud of you... xoxo nita

eM said...

o sweet inspiration..

suzi blu said...

Kizam - Yay! You sound like a bonafide art church pastress to me! We must have a position for you.

Melanie -Matte medium makes paints more translucent you can combine that with the micas or use the mica with just the mediu. translucentness accomplished. there is also craft clear varnish that has sparkles in it. but I havent trie varnish on glass yet - might make it blurry? could be a nice effect on the background.

I want to see pictures of fairy jars when youre through!

Dave said...

You definitely are making a path for yourself! Good luck to you!

kizam said...

“ART HAS TRUTH, TAKE REFUGE THERE” carved into st. louis art museum’s entrance.

Bookviper said...

aw, that's awesome >< Go for it. My girlfriend and I were discussing something like this the other day. I'm going to school to be a librarian (to pay the bills, get health insurance, and not go crazy) but writing is what I love to do. If I could have any job it would be to write stories all day. So after reading this it gets me pumped up to go for dreams, too. Starting with taking a creative writing class.

Hanna said...

I've had my worst year ever so I don't think next year can be more than better! :-)

Great courses Suzi, I can't wait to get a hold of what you produce! Wish I could afford to bid on your art!

Theresa said...

Well Miss Suzi you go ahead and do your thang honey cuz I truly do believe that is your calling. If you don't do it you'll only wish you did one day. You will be making yourself happy and in turn making all of us happy as well. Thanks for sharing your dream with us Suzi Blu...*hugs*

michelle said...

hi suzi!
i've never commented on your blog before, but i've been reading it constantly for a month or so now and i just thought i'd say hello and tell you that you are so inspiring to me. i'm glad you're doing something that makes you happy!
i put school on hold this semester too and i went on a month long trip to india! for no reason in particular, just that i wanted to. =] it was incredible. i'm not particularly excited about going back to school next year, but we shall see how that goes and hopefully if it is not well i can change it into a situation that makes me happy (and pays the bills too...)
well anyways you are amazing! i can't wait to hear about everything you have planned! <3

Sue Steiner said...

This is my year to follow my heart too! You have been inspiring and I am cheering you on! I'll even sprinkle you with some good luck fairy dust! :)

kelly said...

Suzi It is an awesome thing that you are going after your dreams. Far too many times people let their fears interrupt living a happy and fulfilled life. I admire that quality in you. I'm not sure what in your life brought you to this point but I would love to hear your story. I myself have a great amount of self doubt.

the heartful blogger said...

A few years ago, I decided to stop stressing about other people's expectations and do what I love. So I took a paycut and then decided to work part time. I ain't ever looked back!

Robyn said...


I keep telling my students that they should study what they love because they will always do well. So will you!

Me ... I have applied to do a MA in Theology. My mother will choke if she finds out but this is for me and no-one else.