Sunday, November 04, 2007

The LOVE Angel

So I curse a lot, you know that right? You can tell I know... you can tell ...people can tell from looking at me that I probably smoke and curse and do a lot of drugs but I actually I just curse and Im better than I used to be I mean, I havent cursed hEre much have I? And its a dilemma bcz young people watch my vids but do I have to censor myself on my blog too? And its not about cursing really but more subject matter and how tame do I need to be? Do I want to be looked on as a roll model.... well, yes. I think Im good for young girls in a way I encourage them to be LOUD and FREE ahh but Ive done a lot of crazy shit they dont need to do, but they'll prolly do it anyway huh?

I had something to tell you but Ive forgotten.

I think I want to be the internet DIY queen what do you think? Not just art journaling which we will do but there so much out there. I'll be for the people like me who cant afford cable or a proper diy channel. Ill be crafting from the trailer park how hilarious would that be. Id get me a pink flamingo and have the darndenest troll garden this side of wherever the hell the coolest troll garden is. You hear stories tho about the types (scary men) that live there drunk and raping their neighbors dogs. so I dont think its safe for little free spirited me who would befriend every interesting shabby person she met.

but what was it I wanted to say i hate this.

eh, Ill remember tomorrow


eM said...

f* yeah, i know just how you feel..
did you go to church today? ha

suzi blu said...

nope. Leave it to me to wait until the very last day until the assignment is due. I just didnt wanna. and had too much math. I will go next sunday. i have no choice.

see, my god likes when I curse. my god thinks Im HILARIOUS.

eM said...

soo funny, u forget what you were going to say cuz u r typing and punctuating and all of that bs-
get it on tape, silly creative girl

eM said...

synchronicity ..

suzi blu said...

oh video requires lighting or else it looks like poo and who has the strength for that? and Kerouac didnt punctuate so why should I? I like being queen of the run on sentance its like running and running and not taking a breath and sort of like a climax when thank goodness I FINALLY stop.


It is 10 but feels like 12. bed calls to me...suzi...come dream...

joan said...

I LOVE your 'love angel'!!!
Sooooo much!
And hey, God doesn't care if you swear like a truck driver.
He knows your beautiful heart.

megan said...

Suzi - stay just the way you are, you are inspirng and refreshing and I love comming to visit - Mx

eM said...

when u go to church next week...
find a gospel one!

Renee said...

I think if you want to curse you should F-ing curse!

Sometimes I curse like a mofo too.


Stellan said...

V-A-G-I-N-A! there I spelled it out for you!

[suzi made me say it!]

And no suzi u don't need to be tamed.
i mean look at your icon pic, u
look like a feline goddess! RRRrrrr!!!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I like VULVA better.

Vagina is a misnomer: you can't see a vagina unless you happen to have a flashlight on ya.

What we got are vulvas, goddesses!


ps. i love to swear too. can't tell a story without doing it. It's just good technique!

Anonymous said...

ps. this little angel girl is so lovely.
i gotta get into this wax stuff :)


Nerd Bunny said...

Your angel painting is gorgeous. NB x

+Nix+ said...

so what I got from this is swearing dog rape vagina vulva and waxing....and how much god loves people! hmmm <3<3

the heartful blogger said...

I don't have kids so maybe I'd feel differently if I did, but I don't know why people are so afraid of swearing. It's such a rich way to use language! Swearing well is an art form. And it's not like kids are never gonna hear it. The only way anyone's ever gonna keep anyone from "bad influences" is to lock them in a cellar, and who wants that? For what it's worth, I say don't censor yourself! Thankfully, there ain't nobody in this world who is perfectly good.

Ella said...

Just be yourself and continue cursing, if that is, who you are. I think others should make up their own mind, if they want to curse or not. I don't own a TV and I say that is the main reason I get something done. I draw, cook, go mountainbiking, listen to music, read, write,... you get the idea. This option isn't for everybody, but I certainly don't want my TV back.
Wonderful love angels! Thank you for taking the time to share all your work and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, SuziBlu, just keep on doing what you are doing! I curse too - though since having children I attempt to not do it as much, or at least use 'not as bad' words, lol! I grew up in a house of cursing (my dad), and never really thought of it one way or the other. But when my 4 year old came to me and said, "Mommy, I need to shit"... well, I knew I had to be a little more careful!!!
Imagine me scrapbooking that scene! LOL!
BUT, you are YOU. I like,no LOVE, you the way you are. So if you are a curser, do it.
Hey, I am not sure where you live, but you could always try a "southern, holy roller Baptist" church. Maybe they would speak in tongues for you ....

red tin heart said...

that is like my worst vice... my favorite cuss word is b****d. but sadly, i am quite creative with my usage of certain words as well. i love, and i mean love this picture!! it is wonderful. i made my mum and sister watch your videos and they loved them. xoxo nita <3

Sharon said...

OK, you're going to want to see this then -


Diane Duda said...

Long live the queen (of DIY)!

My most favorite painting so far! She's beautiful!

Tarnok said...

I believe there is a line between swearing like an olaf and swearing with actual style.

I LOVE swearing, but I try to get it into a proper context and attempt to use swearing to personify feelings and ideas.

I like to get creative in intellectual insults that are actually quiet funny. An example is calling somone a "f*ing cretin" which I think is much more amusing then a "f*ing jerk".

Swearing should be coupled with a larger vocabulary of words to give it an intellectual punch. But other then that, all I have to say is.

It's your blog, don't f*ing censor yourself if you do not want too.


Judy Wise said...

Oh, the love angel is a love. She reminds me of ice cream. She is luscious and yummy.

Lisa said...

I saw your youtube videos today for the first time..and then your website...and then...and then....your blog!! You are awesome! You rock...and all those other teenagey things we use to describe people when we can't think of the right words to tell them how cool they are..oops..there was another one.

Anyway, I love your art. I love your message. I think you are good for young girls, too. Women should know that they are goddesses BEFORE they are in their 20s, 30s and 40s! It should be the first thing that we hear.

We should all hear that we're deeply loved and that all art is valid!

We should all hear all the things you're saying.

So...thank you!

Dave said...

A little cursing is good for the soul!

Bad Faery said...

A soft focus angel. Love her!

Jillian said...

Yes! The DIY queen of the trailer park. Love this idea.

changapeluda said...

Well Fuck Me if i wasn't all worried the other day to say fuckity fuck right here in your comment section.
Ahhhhh, this is so fucking FREEing;
And you can be my DIY Queen
any day of the week!

BellaKarma said...

As an Acrylic Girl living in a Cashmere World, I'd love to see you become the Cheap-Ass DIY Queen!

Julie said...

I am a notorious trash mouth myself, but on my blog I say "eff" because I don't want people Googling porn to find me instead. I think they would just be pissed.

I put a bid in on your Angel of Love! I always lose but here's hoping!

Vulva v. Vagina... interesting. I think Vulva sounds kind of gross though.

Anonymous said...

I don't swear, often, so when I do it carries a lot of weight. I used to have a fairly foul vocabulary. Then I decided it wasn't supporting the energy I wanted in my life... like having sex with strangers. Fun, maybe, but is it something that builds or deteriorates the temple? I'm really concerned with the temple these days, and myself as chief goddess. So I've trained the cheap swears out of my language. Vibrant, meaningful swears? Okay, in moderation. Like chocolate: if it's coming into the temple, I'm going to have a really good piece, rather than a whole pile of something cheap and unworthy. Hmmmm.... come to think of it, that works for sex, too!

Theresa said...

Suzi Blu you are such a delight! I swear you really do make me smile. Please don't ever move to any trailer park OK...they ain't ready for you girl ;-) You are such a free make your dream come true and get that farm, OK? We don't want anything to happen to our Suzi! I LOVE the angel!!