Thursday, November 01, 2007

Live Free


martha said...

You crack me up with your wolf love! I'm so loving your vlogs and your art! Thanks for your inspiration. BTW, in college, I was also getting a D in statistics...then they curved the final grade up and I wound up with an B. Hope it's the same for you!

red tin heart said...

Sue, I loved the story of wolf and the piggy girl. It was great! I loved pooh in his red cape. And the great clip of his friends <3 <3 <3 this cheered me up so very much. xoxo nIta

tascha said...

"the little pig face girl" LOL! That was so funny!

Renee said...

Suze - awesome painting - awesome vlog - awesome kitty costume!

I'm sorry you are getting a D in stats? Does your school offer tutors? I found that with just a bit of help from the tutor something clicked and after that I started to "get" stats. Sometimes it helps to try to visualize things too. I really hope you end up doing awesomely in stats. It kind of gives you this overwhelming sense of accomplishment to pass a class that you thought you had no shot in hell with... are you past the probability chapter yet?

eM said...

hi suzi,
i really dig your house of blues..
real tasty tunes.
But hey, a wolf is still a wolf11OP

Marie said...

thank you thank you thank you, i have depression, and the last few days i have been feeling very down and dark, I haven't had a smile on my face in a long time. but today i even had a LOL moment, thank you

Leila said...

Hi Miss Suzi Blu,

I just wanted to say thanks for your inspiration to make art journals. I did art in high school, but haven't done anything since (10 years) and it's so sad, because I love art! I'm not very good at drawing etc, but your videos gave me the courage to just try, even if it's the ugliest art ever, and I'm having so much fun! So thank you for freeing me from all my hang ups about doing "bad" art, because I believe you that there's no such thing, all art is valid! So thanks. I also love all your videos, and paintings, I even show my mom them, and she likes them a lot too, everytime you post a new video, I want to run straight to my journal and paint or smooge oil pastels! (I can't right now because I have exams though). I'm also studying psychology, and it sucks that we have to know statistics, I'm no good at it either, but eventually if you become an art therapist, you don't really need it, only if you go into research I think. You just need to pass it now, and do really well in the other subjects, and you're good to go and attain your dreams. I wish you all the best with your sadistics, that's the perfect word for it!

Tarnok said...

"You want a Xantax?" LOL!! Suzi that line made my entire week! I don't know why it's so funny to me.

Crap, a D in sadistics? I guess we were not helping you out enough! I personally take responsibility... Time for us to UP the effort!

Suzi, you MUST tell me the name of your intro song AND who does that version of "Pop goes the weassle" it was simply nostalgic!


Robyn said...

Meg is jealous of Pooh and is demanding that we start to celebrate Halloween in Australia so that she can have a Super Kitty cloak, too.

Leslie said...

I am journaling in a big way because of you . . . and my other best internet friend - e.b.


You rock.

Joy said...

Fabby vlog Suzi, that is a lovely piece of art. What do you use to print the letters? I love hearing your intro tune cos it means happy smiley time. Thank you xxx

nancyb said...

LOL that was so cute! D is for delightful right?! hee hee Your video made me feel so much better...and Pooh Super Cat makes me smile smile smile! I absolutely lurrrrrrrrve your painting! :) xo

Nerd Bunny said...

Yay Suzi,
This is fantabulous!
Pooh looks so cute in his cape. What a great vid today. Thanks for sharing your beautiful painting, I love watching you create them. I love the way it turned into a balloon and floated off at the end, like it was going off to make your dreams come true!
NB x

Ro Bruhn said...

Beautiful painting and great video, thanks Suzi

messyhappyfundee said...

bless you!!! hehe

i want to tell you that i love you! not in a stalkery kind of way (maybe a little), not in a lovey dovey way (although you are very cute), but in a happy place way. you completely crack me up and i always laugh out loud (really) when i come to visit. thanks so much for sharing your art and mentalness, in a good way, with us. luv dee

kelly said...

Wonderful as always Suzi!!! I hope you have a beautiful weekend.
Oh yeah, bless you Honey, I hope that was not a cold sneeze.
Thanks for the great video!!


Anonymous said...


I saw me (us) there, in the video!! That was so cool of you to include me, Medusa and my little ballerina with her snake pet. Thank you.
The painting is beautiful, love watching you make it, and seeing the technique live in action (soon,as soon as my books come I'm firing up the wax!).
Your house is coming...
Love your puppet shows, so will your kidlet students someday :)
Hang in there with the Sadistics...deep breaths and just do the best you are able.
Have a great weekend, wishing you some fun and some treats. And for Poo too.
Cheers, guapa!

Unichorn said...

Great sneeze, bless you! Thanks for this vlog; again really entertaining. The beeswax is a nice feature to experiment upon; I'll try it at home... in time. Goodluck with all the math, other schoolwork and big, bad wolves. See ya laterz!

Dave said...

Good to see you back in a new video! I love that painting you did as well!

Anonymous said...

Suzi Blu please put your shipping address into your Amazon wish's no use having them delivered here!
big kissXX

zorana said...

Amazing video and art, as always. You are a treasure! Thanks for the inspiration and laugh. xo

changapeluda said...

you funny chick!
that wolf is a bad boy,
don't be kissing him.

hey i know some of these people commenting!
not KNOW them know them but i've been on their blogs before....

You're getting All Famous!
woo hoooo.
Prepare Poohpee for the paparrazzi!

Jane said...

OK this did it Su-Blu... you got me out of lurkdom! Poo's costume, your wolf/pig, puppetry, your "wish home" painting ?? How could I stay comment free now?? Thanks for sharing yourself with the blog world and giving me the chance to step out of my own world UP here where I have gotten my self to. Wish I was in NJ, I would love for you to be my "goil friend".
PS.I have REAL wolves outside my door most every night, the howling wakes me from a dead sleep!!!!

bh said...

Beware the wolf. Wild and free. Always the trickster.

little red rh

eM said...

i'll be honest.if i saw miss piggy,all alone,in the woods,with a basket...i'd have to eat her

the heartful blogger said...

Hi Suze

Was just wondering if you know of the Ning site and whether you thought of moving the journal community onto it? It's very easy to use, looks great and has more of a community feel to it than live journal, in my humble opinion. The Monday Art Day ATC Forum uses it. People would have to join and log in like Live Journal, but each member would have their own page where their profile and photos can be shown, along with a wall where people can write comments. There is also a communal photo page for everyone's photos where comments can also be added, the latest photos are always at the front. There is also a page to add videos, and space to start discussions, mini-groups and forums, plus a page for member icons, and people can add each other as friends and also private message each other on the site. Here is the link to the monday art day atc one if you want to have a look:

As someone who posts to your live journal community and who also uses Ning, I thought I might suggest it as an idea.

Tammy x

patte said...

what a rich person you are! We all look forward to your clips. My 7 year old and 4 year old kids run to the room to watch and listen. We are each inspired - thank you.

kathy mc said...

Amazing collage. I love to watch you work. You are mesmerizing. This has become my favorite blog to visit. Thanks for being so entertaining. I'll be back!

joan said...

Oh Suzi, we love you so!
I want to second the motion for the possible move to ning.
I just signed up there for NaBloPoMo (National blog posting month... which is November!)and they offer so, so much.
I also have signed up for live journal so I can post my 'suzi pages' too.
Yesterday I started my journal cover (yipee, I'm a brave new girl)which you can see at my blog if you're interested, until I get to post directly with you 'over there'...
Thanks so much for encouraging and inspiring all of us.
I did look for the purple bracelet stuff and came up with some fabulous nifty type thingies!
Now all I need do is have my son teach me how to make a video (sheesh...) so I can do a cute tutorial for the goddesses!
Much love to you today Suzi, I'm off to make my 'house' :)

Lynne said...

You really inspire me each week Suzi - thank you. I have just posted some art journal love on my blog but am hoping to get it posted in the other spot that you have created. Thanks again Suzi - I love thursdays!