Sunday, November 04, 2007


Thank the lovely sweet Melissa for making me videos <3

Check out her channel and give her LOVE here

She is a wild wild woman who needs a blog! Tell her to start one.


Red Sonja said...

Hi Suzi - if i use FireFox to view this post it says i need a plugin but then can't find the right plugin to run the file. I then tried internet explorer and it doesn't show anything other then the text ?!

Anonymous said...

Hey, suzi,
I just wanted to get back to you on your comment down below about "how to figure out what stuff to study and learn in order to do the kind of work you want to do", and I was going to say why don't you seek out your favourite educational facility, or your favourite program or a place where you think it would be really cool to work and then go talk to some of the people that are already doing the kind of work you'd like to do--get to know some, take them out for coffee (or tea or whatever! ;) find out what their backgrounds are, ask them what they think are the most important things for you to learn and gain skill in to do what they do...basically, seek out a MENTOR or mentors (unofficially, or you never know, maybe they will truly become mentors to you), somebody who can guide you toward your goal, somebody who is already doing "your perfect job". And while you are doing that, you are also making contacts with a whole bunch of people in that area, getting to know who's who, hearing about the work from their side of much to learn and gain from those contacts and environments.
And what's more, it looks really good to prospective employers, seeing someone who is out there on their own initiative, not because they have to, not because they are getting paid for it, but because you want to do what they do. (And it's always very flattering when someone comes up to you, introduces themselves and says "I think you have the coolest job in the world and I'd love to do what you do...could you tell me a bit about it?" And they will get to know YOU, an "up and coming" great teacher...

Hope that helps. I know I met some really interesting, fantastic educators along my path in this area and they were so KEY to helping me along the way...and became dear friends too. Special Education: there are indeed some very Special Educators in that field.

Have a good rest of your Sunday :)
a hug from Spain,

ps. I think that's crappy that in the States, they force you to vaccinate yourself in order to become a teacher. :(

suzi blu said...

rEd sonja,

yeah I dont know whats going on with you tube at the moment, I cant seem to reach their site. dont worry about it. You dont need firefox its just a glitch. hopefully theyll work it out.

thank goodness there are other sites we can post video at!

red tin heart said...

i really liked all of them. once i started watching i couldn't stop. very good! xoxo nita