Friday, November 23, 2007

A little Mac Help

Anyone have a 2004 iBook? I want to know how to save video that I am importing onto an external drive. When I do I get the message:

that the disk is responding slowly it may not be fast enough for your movie. if you have a lot of audio clips you might try muting the audio tracks to see if it helps playback speed. I unchecked the little boxes but still it wont upload.



Suzie Q said...

u got your ibook, and hope you might find some help via this link, if you haven't been there already. sorry I can't help myself, still learning my way around an ancient mac...
hope it works, 'cause I can't wait to see your new vid :)
big love, Suze in England xXx

suzie Q said...

oops. soz :( should say "hi suzi :) glad..." see, I'm no techie! ;)x

Nina said...

Oh dear, I DO have a 2004 iBook, but ask me about something other than videos ---- I haven't a clue what you're even talking about!!!!

I sure hope you love your mac as much as I love mine. One thing's for don't have to worry about viruses:-)

Anonymous said...

Are you importing your video into iMovie or are you trying to send it from your camcorder directly to your external drive? I would import it then save it as your file name and then transfer that file to your external. Also, if your external had firewire, use it instead if USB.

suzi blu said...

so I am in iMovie and importing from the camera and sending it directly to the external drive, which is on a usb line, so I see what you are saying. I will try what you what you suggest!

Julie said...

Yes firewire is definitely better than using a USB. If all else fails... take it to the Genius Bar! That's my favorite thing about having a mac. The cute nerds at the Apple store! (don't tell my husband!)

Sheree Rensel said...

The cause of this could be whole bunches of things. How much RAM do you have? Do you have a firewall? Yadda, yadda, yadda. I googled some of the words in the error message you described. I found this one post that was very interesting. However, it could be caused by many things. This is at least a suggestion:
"Finally found a solution to the iMovie freezing with the dreaded message ""The disk responded slowly. It may have been interrupted by something, or it may not be fast enough for your movie. If you have a lot of audio clips, you might try muting the audio tracks to see if it helps playback speed."
As advised, I turned off everything I could think of - Sherlock, FileSaver, Virus Checking, Sound, Screensaver etc. etc. Still had the problem. Then I ran the HD through Disk Warrior (with all those things still turned off) and have just screened 14 minutes of iMovie three times without a single freeze."