Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Im sick and I didnt know it!

I dont feel terribley crappy but I looked in the mirror this morning and gee my cheeks are kinda red. then I realized, yeah I feel a bit cold and hmmm Im sniffling. OH I must be sick YAY an excuse to lay around!

which I need. winter break has officially started and so has my new life of stress free leisure.
today me and pooh wait for the darling ups man to bring my wonderous new computer. pooh can barely contain his excitement but puts on an amazing exterior of kitty kat kalm laying on his back with his white belly up. He looks sleepy and relaxed but I know his insides are dancing. With Miss Blu's new dedication to all things art and video he knows whats coming:

1) Ok so I wanted to be the divine queen of diy yourself godddess crafts but coming up with worthy projects every week is a lot tougher than I thought. so Im going to stick with what I know and perfect that - art journaling videos - and inbetween when I think of something very interesting to break it up I will add that. I thought maybe goddesses would get bored of journals but every day I get an email from a new one who has just bought her first book to work in. so there you go.
2) While pooh lives we truely nEEd to see him with a green screen behind him - flying perhaps? over wine gardens in tuscany? Pooh needs adventures. so there will be that.
3) and with my new open schedule of only night classes I can dedicate all of my love and time to all of this. and that makes pooh happy. I wont be gone so much and especially early in the mornings like now - he likes to lay next to mommy while she stays home and paints. a painting mommy is a happy mommy is a happy pooh.

so we look out the window.
and we wait.
and I think I want pancakes
with drippy syrup
and hot tea
and I have a dvd of EDDIE IZZARD
and that will be
my wednesday morning.


gina said...

ooooh im so sorry you are sick tea and rest and of course art will heal you soon i hope you have a fun thanksgiving ive sent ya alot of messages and emails but this is where i can fing ya . have fun with your new computer ups man woooohoo they are like firemen hot

Unichorn said...

Sounds like this winterbreak comes at the perfect moment; to mold the scattered fragments back into a whole and powerful piece. I know the feeling; being fragmented and getting lost in all kinds of different and exciting projects. That can be a bliss... but sometimes a curse. Anyway; I'm glad with your decision. I liked your artvlogs on journaling most. Perhaps they felt most 'authentic'.
Get well soon! You and kitty kat will love missmac ;)

Brahdelt said...

Pancakes, tea and Eddie Izzard are my favourites, too. Aren't you by any chance my long lost twin sister, ha? *^v^*
I know about them cats, they are the true volcanoes of various emotions but on the outside they just look like sleepy fluffy pillows, with cute paws, of course!
Btw, thank you for recommending the C. Hellmuth's book on collage, it's divine! =^v^=

Kirsty said...

Get well soon. I'm happy to watch as many videos about art journalling as you want to make, you've got me so fired up about it and it's great.

Theresa said...

Ahhh...what a life! I'm sorry you're feeling poopy (not that poopy)honey...some nice tea and honey will do you some good with some chicken soup too! You have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Miss Suzi Blu. I'm so glad you decided to concentrate on the videos we journals!! I can't wait for the next one! Congrats on the new puter!

LINDSAY said...

Sick, ewww. My daughter is sick today too. Yuck. But it is a great reason to lay around. Next week I will be having my wisdom teeth removed, and I plan to lay around, on pain meds no less, for at least two full days. That's practically a vacation around here! Happy Thanksgiving Suzi!

the heartful blogger said...

I empathise! I just spent a week getting over a horrid flu. But kitty kat kalm is very healing.

I adore Eddie Izzard. Definitely one of the sexiest men out there. Have you seen this?

lynne h said...

mmmmmmm..... so glad you're starting on your new life, suzi. it's just gonna get better, and better, and better!!!


Dave said...

Drink plenty of tea and you'll feel better soon!

changapeluda said...

awwww you said while pooh still lives....
i don't want zoezers to die, either. ever.
get well soon, amiga....
then s'more vlogarooonies!
if you please.

omniscientmoon said...

Feel better Miz Blu! Happy Thanksgiving!!