Thursday, November 29, 2007

Did I tell you I was interning at a Catholic School?

3 days a week.
I have lots to say about it but I shall wait.
mostly it has to do with female repression.
so I am a teachers aid for 3 and 4 year olds and I can
honestly say although I am very good at the job, the job
is not for me.

Lookee at this cute little site. I want to do mosaics very
badly. I decided that while I stay in this apartment Im going
to make it very beautiful. Paint the walls and add things. so
diy decorating is what Ill be obsessed with now.
I love the painted hanger on the bottom. how pretty and delicate.

DIY decorations

ooh and this one looks good too


Amanda Edwards said...

I love prettying up my house but we aren't allowed tp paint our walls :( The Catholic school job sounds interesting. I saw your painting just sold on ebay for over $100! Good for you! I am too poor this week to bid on lovely paintings :( Maybe I should paint some more of my own instead. Rather than sitting at this computer..hope you are having a good day.

sherree10 said...

Hey Suzi how about a painting with a moasic table it it? You could do it and that would be cool.

Catholic school-no suprise there.

Back to drawing Fairies, right now I'm crazy in love with fairies.

* maggie * said...

ooooo i love mosaics! i found the coolest artist over the summer that does little tiles of letters.. funky letters all colors .. stars.. suns..
i bought all i could afford & did the cutest sign... LOVE it ..

anyways catholic school.. do they tell the kids the yucky candy cane story? my son went to catholic preschool & the story totally freaked me out!
anyway.. love your videos.. i am making fairy jars for my neices for christmas :)

kizam said...

oooh for your life!!!! actually i've always felt knowledge is power so learn all you can and then get yourself....i think you would be a great high school teacher...those art teachers in high school saved my life(i was in catholic school until hs and i was pretty damaged by the time i got there)
i am trying to pretty my house up too so kewl sweetpea....have fun.....thanks for sharing

viv said...

look forward to hearing your stories on your internship. i bet the kids looove you though!!

btw, the bit from wise cats that you shared was hilarious!! (no make-up) i emailed the link to my sister in oregon.

happy day,


Julie said...

I think it's so important to make your space beautiful. If anyone can do it, you can!

By the way, I went to Catholic school for 12 years. I know all about female repression. I'm in therapy because of it.


Robyn said...

Hi Suzi, I have taught in a Catholic girls high school for the last 10 years. Like all the other schools that I have been at in a long career, it has its good points and its bad points but, let's face it, I am still there and don't want to leave soon. Teaching is good for keeping you young ... most of the time.

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

dont' let one school make up your mind about teaching. I would say that the best thing after you graduate is to take a job as a teachers aid a a different school. you'll learn more about kids than you ever would in a classroom and how to handle them.

I worked at a small high school where I grew up and it ruined me for teaching for a good long time. After that I taught art to adults with MR and then went back tot eh public schools and worked there. Now I do something entirely different but I can say that every school is very very different and if you are in a public school instead of a private it could be very different.

BUT i look forward to seeing more art out of you- think of the time you'll have.

I'm not sure how the state laws are for you in Jersey but until Romney took over Mass I ran a small out of the trunk of my car biz of in group home art classes for adults with MR. It paid well, I made my hours and it rocked. I can email you more details if you would like. Also great resume fluffer.