Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Devil And Blu



Sometimes that which is bad for us appears charming. Devils can be people or they can be caffeine or ciggarettes or watching TV endlessly when you're not enjoying it. This is my interpretation of hell - doing something that is not loving toward ourselves because we cant seem to do anything else. Its hard to break away from old patterns. But we can!

You are so much more than you believe yourself to be!
We all can resist Devils when they come courting at our door!

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Peggy said...

LOVE it. Great choice of colors and the face that "he" is wearing white and She is seeing hearts. Background colors are lovely.

kelly said...

The layering that you create with the wax is so awesome. I dont think I've noticed it as much before but WOW!!!!

I want to try. Maybe I'll treat myself to a mini crock pot and some wax this weekend.
Thanks for the inspiration Suzi

kizam said...

i so love what you do with the texture and the background it is daughter thinks tv is the devil...but i am alone and tv is my friend, my drug of choice...i didn't watch anything yesterday though...i was so thrilled by hopefully art will take over my life and fill me up...
thanks for your inspiration sweetpea....have a great day

Unichorn said...

Great piece. I love it... and 'him' too ;)

Jillian said...

I LOVE this piece!

Anonymous said...

Nancy here! I am impressed by Ms. Blu in this piece ... even though her feet are pointed toward old Satan, her eyes are looking away. Her intent, her purpose, are directed away from the old patterns. Very good! This is an encouraging painting. She's in conflict, but she's showing her strength, and soon her feet will turn and follow her eyes and her inner wisdom. Maybe not this time, but soon.... very nice piece, Suzi!

Nat said...

oh love the structure - awesome!