Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Computer problems...again

how come always on video shooting day?
Windows - Im in Rescue and Recovery and I cant get out.
Ive managed to figure out how to get on the internet though.

Im off to take a test but will be back here 4:00 EST
I would LOVE a bit of help, cant we manage this without me going to the Geek Squad once again?

be back


the heartful blogger said...

This might be an obvious question, but do you have good anti-virus software on your computer? If you have a pc, you can download some good stuff for free at

There is also free software you can download to track and remove spyware from your computer. Also free, and can be found here:

Once I installed these things, my computer problems reduced drastically!

the heartful blogger said...

PS I meant pc as opposed to a mac. I don't have a mac so not sure what's best for them.

Nina said...

macs don't get viruses!! But if you do have one Suzi, macjanitor (free) does a good cleanup job w no side effects:-)

nancyb said...

If you need a techy we can exchange phone numbers as I have my very own techy hubby lol If you have issues you can call anytime you need to! :) Let me know! xo

Anonymous said...

Before you do anything else - save all your work!! Even if that means buying an external hard drive (or borrowing one) and transferring everything onto it ..
I'd need more information to help work out if it's a virus or system error (pc/mac?) etc .. But if you save your work you can do a complete system re-install and start from scratch, which is time consuming, but can be nice to start fresh on a clean hard drive ..