Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blurry images and a bad attitude

Since its so late at night the photos I took look yellow and blurry so that was the ending to my very annoying sunday. Ill need to reshoot them tomorrow in the sunlight. so no auction tonight. along with no video so Im just in a grouchy mood. at this point iMovie refuses to export so I can do nothing.  I made a finished quicktime movie and it plays fine but will not upload. tomorrow I will buy blank cds - burn the movie - then see if my pc will upload it. If that works out then I will do that until I buy whatever it is I need so I can JUST MAKE VIDEOS. I cant even tell you how annoyed I am.  I will spend any amount of money I dont care I just dont want anymore hassles or problems. I want to vlog and I want to post that isnt too much to ask!!!

Deep breaths.

student loans student loans student loans. perhaps they will be in the mail tomorrow.  Then I will go to the genius bar and get whatever they say I need to get.  This situation is temporary. I keep telling myself that.


Deirdra Doan said...

Dear Suzi, You are so dear to stay with this. We want your vlog's too!!! I am praying that your Mac cost very little to get working and you spend your money on other nice things. You are such a encouragement to me to have fun painting.

You have new friends Harald and Eva in Austria. Harald has been inspired to let even more of his Muse come out and play. He calls it his suzi blu self.
You can hear his wonderful guitar music from my
He is a top friend.

Blessings Sweet Suzi,

aprylian said...

Hey Suzi,

Hang in there, girl. Don't worry--you have plenty of people who love you and love your work. Pretty soon it will all be working smoothly and just be a memory. Sending good vibes your way,


tascha said...

HI Mz. Blu, sorry to hear you had a rough night. I spent 1 hour editing my new video and then all of a sudden my computer crashed and I lost everything I had done. It must be in the stars tonight :(

Tomorrow is a fresh new day!

Amanda Edwards said...

today I have had the absolute pleasure of watching all your videos. It has been so much fun! and when my little four year old girl got in from chidcare she started watching them with me and she loves them! she is mesmerised watching you paint your beautiful pictures. we have had the paints out tonight! she wants to learn how to paint like you!I will have to make more time for art in our days. Thankyou for making such inspiring little videos. we will definately be checking in to see new videos. be well.

kizam said...

oh my the world seems blue but hang in there is everywhere not just in imac won't import or export and there was a blog on and she just got a new mac and she couldn't upload her movies either.....however with all the people sending blessings to you this should be a temporary frustration....yes...breathe..blurry images are better than no image at all....i LOVE the new girlie and her devilish friend and can't wait to see the rest of it.....your congregation of blessed artists are sending you love and hope, which i wish you could convert to money will come...we will be here waiting....don't worry....or hurry...breathe and embrace the next challenge...i applaud you dear one.

Aquaréelle said...

Encore une fois Superbe !!

Bon courage pour la vidéo...


coconutannies said...

It is so sad to hear that one who brings so much joy should feel anything but! Today is another day - I hope you get everything you want! Hugs, Laura