Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beautiful Christine

She agrees we should have an Artist's Way Video Group. When Im better we will make that happen.

I have a fever.


lee said...

great video by Christine. Did you get your flu shot.....hope you have a great thanksgiving and feel better soon.

Hanna said...

The Artist Way is a great book, I learned so much by doing all the excerses in it!

Let's all be princesses in a Creative World?! :-)

get well soon!

Anam said...

"This video is no longer available"

Nina said...

Can"t see the video and I must be the only person in the world who doesn't think much of The Artists Way.

Suzi, take care of yourself and when you feel better; I bet you'll be loaded w your own ideas. you don't need to follow Julia Cameron. You're Suziblutube and already have a huge following.

Listen to your own intuition -- I'll be tagging along no matter where you decide to lead:-)

Seeking Simplicity said...

Take care Suzi Blu. It's no fun being sick. I hope little Pooh Pooh kitty is taking good care of you.

Sending healing vibs your way... well vibs might be the wrong word to use... then again... a good vib can make me see the face of God. Okay... enough ranting.

Get well soon!!

eM said...

stop feigning blu
and get to art making
tough luv...
ha ha

Unichorn said...

How is the flu, Blu? (Or is that something other than fever?)
Hope you're feeling better soon!
Couldn't watch the video either...
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry you are sicker! I can't see the video either, but I have attempted twice now doing the Artist Way - gotten further each time, just not finished it! It does make a lot of stuff 'happen' though, doesn't it?

Theresa said...

Great video...don't know why others couldn't view it...glad I was able to check it out...I will try to find the book at the library...Christine should check out this video re layering - I was afraid too...this video helped me.

Get better baby girl!!