Monday, November 19, 2007

almost there

so the divine miss EM says SUZEE come to the dark side I want to be the one to take you there scream in ecstasy. Give up your formal life and let me show you the wayyyy!

Miss Em is sending me an ibook laptop. shes taking me from PC land to MAC land.


I have to learn an entire new system Ive never so much as breathed on a mac before but Im excited. So new videos are not that far away.

So while we are waiting Im hoping you can help me with ideas for shows that will catapult me into goddess crafter divinity. I want glamerous gaudy non-useful items we can make JUST CAUSE. can be anything. give me ideas. It will be a good opportunity for me to try everything Ive always wanted to try. like mosaics with polymer clay.

any ideas you have at all. I love my blogger ladies.

Im at school. time for behavior management and a power bar.
c u tomorrow


kelly said...

You will LOVE your Mac. I'm so excited for and can not wait to see what kind of magic you create with it.
good luck and i promise the learning will be easy.

Bookviper said...

I was thinking about switching over. Let us know how it goes.

Dave said...

Glamerous gaudy non-useful items? How so?

Kirsty said...

I love my mac, I'd never go back to a PC now. Be prepared for a bit of a learning curve with the switch over though - it took me about a month before I stopped feeling cross about not knowing how to do anything and started to feel at home with it.

AnnaDenise said...

Macs are amazing. I'm sure you'll love it! And miss EM rocks!

Unichorn said...

You'll be so happy with your mac. Don't forget to name her! She needs love... ;) She'll love you too, and the problems you were having with windows are... sooo yesterday!

Leslie said...

I'm a Mac girl myself, and I just made a polymer clay mosaic box top! Welcome to the dark side. Must think on the project ideas.

tascha said...

Yea for Miss EM!!! You're gonna love your ibook! Can't wait to make some collaborative vids :)

Paulette Insall said...

Oh Suzi you are so gonna love working on a Mac!!! Making videos on a Windows machine was such a pain for me, but once I got my iMac a couple of months ago it made a world of difference. I love my iMac and can't imagine being without it. We still have a PC laptop, but it's basically become my 4 year old's...I barely even touch it now unless I have to. ;) Once it dies, we'll be replacing it with an iBook for sure and we'll be a totally Mac house. :D

changapeluda said...

If there ever was an just cuz item:
the extraordinary Pom Pom
1st you get a notebook paper sized cardboard (8x11ish)
then you fold it in half
then you get a coffee cup and trace it - in the middle of that
circle you put a quarter and you trace that
then you get out an exacto Knife (heh heh heh i Love knives)
and you cut em both out making sure ya got 2 cardboard donuts
then you get some pretty colored yarn and start wrapping those cardboard donuts you got there.
in and out the hole (she said hee hee hee) cover the whole cardboard donut until it's pretty thick
like maybe as thick as your least fat finger (look at your pinky, gee your stinky!)
okay then be careful when you do this but hold your little yarn donut so you're lookin at it sidewayze then slice the yarn thru until you get to the top of the cardboard All the way around the donut...then when you got two full bent all outta shape whole carcboard halves showin'
(are ya still with me?)
then you take a longish piece of yarn (9 inches or so is good, she said heee heee)
and you Tie it so that it's tight
between the two cardboards kinda like a yo yo but,you know w/two sides a string hangin out
...once it's tied off you can cut off the cardboard and VOILA a poooofy home-made Pom Pom.

it's fun! and very very decorative!
and you can even put glitter and sparkles on it!!

changapeluda said...

oh fuckit if the typo isn't in the first damn sentence.
i suck at proofreading


Pom-poms! i'm tellin ya


katie said...

Oh, how wonderful!! I can't wait to see what you create next.

obscuratea said...

auntie em? bette middler? hmmm
macs are great !!!!!! i love them dearly :)

dznChick said...
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dznChick said...

Suzi, once you go Mac you'll never want to go back.

Some helpful tips - just remember, the apple key on the Mac is the same as the Crtl key on a PC. This is great if you are going to be learning photoshop and layout programs such as InDesign. Also great for video editing. I think you will love iMovie for your videos.

The good thing is you don't have to worry about viruses and hackers. Macs have built-in firewalls and offers absolutely the best protection.

I have a 17-inch MacBook Pro and a G5. I am in love with my Macs. My husband is still stuck in the PC world so he has all of my old PCs. I look forward to more of your creative techniques.

Renee said...

Kind of odd... but in high school I pretty much only used Mac, but then after that I only used PC... until I took a biology class in college where we used Mac and it was so strange and foreign to me after years of using a PC... but I have this little thing in the back of my head that really really really wants a macbook! So, happy Mac-ing! Let us know how switching goes.

Julie said...

Woooo! Welcome to the dark side! Mac is wildly easier than PC. You'll love it.

I don't have any ideas for you yet. But I'll get my brain on.

gina said...

i have many creative projects for polymer clay rubber stamping melting crayond on aniron and painting it onto fabric paperwhat id like to see is you have students mail you pupets or paper dolls and ya can make a cool puppet theatre and use the characters you can do a video with our artmade puppets we could all be connected with you as the star attraction

joan said...

Ohhhh, I love Gina's idea!!!

Puppets and paper dolls, that would just rock!

We miss you Suzi Blu!

the heartful blogger said...

I love trying out new things but personally, I'd like to get really good (or at least lots better) at one thing before moving on to another. I fear I will not be able to keep up with you Miss Blu. I miss your art journalling videos. I miss watching you paint.

Sama said...

Don't worry, mac's are better for making videos and coping with pictures and artistic stuff, you'll love it!

Fiona said...

Good luck with the mac - maybe you should call it Luke or Darth or Ani cos that could be a boy or a girl....

Things to make just because??? Well, I like anything that can dangle. All these lovely fake crystal chadelier adn other dangly Christmas decorations around (well atleast in the UK) are destined to be bodged into something that will outlast the season. They can as OTT or a subtle as we like.

Looking forward to watching you paint somemore. Not only is it inpsiring, but I find it very relaxing too!

Silke said...

I have got a MacBook for a year now and I love it. Everything is very easy!!
It looks like all of us believe in the art religion and also join the apple church :)

Nina said...

Hey Suzi! What happened to art journals???????

kraftyscraps said...

Lucky you Suzi! I really want a mac and am slowly convincing DH to get me one. :)

Can't wait to see your new videos, but I hope the Art Journal videos don't disappear!

eM said...

c-can i t-take a breath yet?
s-say wh-whenn

Torann said...

....oh I so cant wait for the new videos!!!!!! * jumps up and down with excitment* :)

Ro Bruhn said...

Once you get addicted to your Mac, and it won't take long, you'll never go back to the pc. Just give it kind words and it will go on forever.

Kristen said...

Oh how excited I am for you!!! The "Mac World" is a kinder, more creative and gentler world. Oh and did I mention addiction? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Steve Jobs and his brillantness. ; ) Have fun and I look forward to watching some more of your videos!