Friday, November 30, 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007

These are the coolest hats EVER

especially the ones toward the bottom.


Did I tell you I was interning at a Catholic School?

3 days a week.
I have lots to say about it but I shall wait.
mostly it has to do with female repression.
so I am a teachers aid for 3 and 4 year olds and I can
honestly say although I am very good at the job, the job
is not for me.

Lookee at this cute little site. I want to do mosaics very
badly. I decided that while I stay in this apartment Im going
to make it very beautiful. Paint the walls and add things. so
diy decorating is what Ill be obsessed with now.
I love the painted hanger on the bottom. how pretty and delicate.

DIY decorations

ooh and this one looks good too

I admit I feel more confident when I wear make up. I am learning though to feel beautiful without it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Devil And Blu



Sometimes that which is bad for us appears charming. Devils can be people or they can be caffeine or ciggarettes or watching TV endlessly when you're not enjoying it. This is my interpretation of hell - doing something that is not loving toward ourselves because we cant seem to do anything else. Its hard to break away from old patterns. But we can!

You are so much more than you believe yourself to be!
We all can resist Devils when they come courting at our door!

To Win This Painting on eBay
Follow This Magical LINK

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My beautiful new banner

Made by Anna Denise : )
If anyone wants to make a banner that would be neato to have them rotate.
You can take pics off my blog or site or anywhere else you see them.

Seems necessary now to put up a disclaimer.

All Rights Reserved.
If you'd like to make a banner for me to use that is awesome but I intend for my artwork to stay on my site. My creative ideas are all I have in the world. cept for pooh. I eat rice and beans most days. So dont steal my images. Deal?
I trust you =^_^=

Monday, November 26, 2007

Suzi Blu art vlog

Well, it uploaded. Unfortunately my mac will not export any more videos so there is still a problem and this quality is nOt good enough for me. too blurry and wavy and crappy. but still, here you are. dont forget about me! suzi needs love! When I do come back for real I want it to look really really great.

Skating Blissfully

Well, if I cant upload videos at least we can watch someone who can. I almost cried watching this. Tascha deserves all of our love.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blurry images and a bad attitude

Since its so late at night the photos I took look yellow and blurry so that was the ending to my very annoying sunday. Ill need to reshoot them tomorrow in the sunlight. so no auction tonight. along with no video so Im just in a grouchy mood. at this point iMovie refuses to export so I can do nothing.  I made a finished quicktime movie and it plays fine but will not upload. tomorrow I will buy blank cds - burn the movie - then see if my pc will upload it. If that works out then I will do that until I buy whatever it is I need so I can JUST MAKE VIDEOS. I cant even tell you how annoyed I am.  I will spend any amount of money I dont care I just dont want anymore hassles or problems. I want to vlog and I want to post that isnt too much to ask!!!

Deep breaths.

student loans student loans student loans. perhaps they will be in the mail tomorrow.  Then I will go to the genius bar and get whatever they say I need to get.  This situation is temporary. I keep telling myself that.


whenever I watch videos now on youtube - the video stutters and skips frames so something is wrong somewhere. If it were a PC Id defrag but I have no clue how to stop this.

and so Ive tried to upload the various quicktime files Ive made onto youtube, onto, but it gets stuck in 'contacting site' and never uploads.

I have video. not good video not great video but I have learned the program and next time I can do something very great. but great is not even good if no one can see it.

I will breathe
and be patient.
Ive been bent over since 9 this morning and its now about 6.

Video Finished

and ready to go. Has anyone here exported from iMovie before?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

something something soon today

1) iBook 2004=I uploaded video-deleted it-emptied the trash - yet it doesnt go back to the original 19 gig that I had its staying at 17. I havent put any other files on it - so the question is: tell me all the places where files can hide.  

I know I know, go to the genius bar. I will tomorrow if they have an open appointment.

2)Since I am between editing programs at the moment I will make a vlog for you today.  Something small with the Mac. Hopefully my student loan check is in the box today and I can upgrade and get newer editing programs! YAY!

3) so I will see you kitties later today.

little kisses

Friday, November 23, 2007

A little Mac Help

Anyone have a 2004 iBook? I want to know how to save video that I am importing onto an external drive. When I do I get the message:

that the disk is responding slowly it may not be fast enough for your movie. if you have a lot of audio clips you might try muting the audio tracks to see if it helps playback speed. I unchecked the little boxes but still it wont upload.


Finding Out Why You Are Here by Bowser

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nov 23 National Buy Nothing Day

Join me and BUY NOTHING tomorrow! Think about it - do your loved ones really need the gifts you are planning to give them? Seriously. socks? again? a CD. a friggin nother bathrobe? Think about what you are buying and dont be mindless and buy because its expected of you. The stress. The malls. For what? 2 seconds of ooh gee wiz thanks for this thing and then a lifetime of forgetting it. If you want to get holiday presents for loved ones stay home tomorrow and make them things instead.


Home from my parents

Just saying goodnight to my babies

sleeepy time.
goodnight babies =^_^=
sending you kitty kat kisses
and dreams of clouds that slurp
and churp.

I have the most hilarious things to shOw you OMG
some thIngs my brother found at a flea market recently so perfect
serendipitious for sure for the next vid
of which i cannot tell u about yet. but its good.
but right now my eyes are so heavy Ive been up so many hours and I want to SLEEP and DREAM and curl up in red blankets with pooh.
Tomorrow I shoot and dump video and play with my little white box of love for the
1st time.

Boy that will be good.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beautiful Christine

She agrees we should have an Artist's Way Video Group. When Im better we will make that happen.

I have a fever.


It just doesnt get anybetter than Davis, and he's from Jersey too!

Im sick and I didnt know it!

I dont feel terribley crappy but I looked in the mirror this morning and gee my cheeks are kinda red. then I realized, yeah I feel a bit cold and hmmm Im sniffling. OH I must be sick YAY an excuse to lay around!

which I need. winter break has officially started and so has my new life of stress free leisure.
today me and pooh wait for the darling ups man to bring my wonderous new computer. pooh can barely contain his excitement but puts on an amazing exterior of kitty kat kalm laying on his back with his white belly up. He looks sleepy and relaxed but I know his insides are dancing. With Miss Blu's new dedication to all things art and video he knows whats coming:

1) Ok so I wanted to be the divine queen of diy yourself godddess crafts but coming up with worthy projects every week is a lot tougher than I thought. so Im going to stick with what I know and perfect that - art journaling videos - and inbetween when I think of something very interesting to break it up I will add that. I thought maybe goddesses would get bored of journals but every day I get an email from a new one who has just bought her first book to work in. so there you go.
2) While pooh lives we truely nEEd to see him with a green screen behind him - flying perhaps? over wine gardens in tuscany? Pooh needs adventures. so there will be that.
3) and with my new open schedule of only night classes I can dedicate all of my love and time to all of this. and that makes pooh happy. I wont be gone so much and especially early in the mornings like now - he likes to lay next to mommy while she stays home and paints. a painting mommy is a happy mommy is a happy pooh.

so we look out the window.
and we wait.
and I think I want pancakes
with drippy syrup
and hot tea
and I have a dvd of EDDIE IZZARD
and that will be
my wednesday morning.

Monday, November 19, 2007

almost there

so the divine miss EM says SUZEE come to the dark side I want to be the one to take you there scream in ecstasy. Give up your formal life and let me show you the wayyyy!

Miss Em is sending me an ibook laptop. shes taking me from PC land to MAC land.


I have to learn an entire new system Ive never so much as breathed on a mac before but Im excited. So new videos are not that far away.

So while we are waiting Im hoping you can help me with ideas for shows that will catapult me into goddess crafter divinity. I want glamerous gaudy non-useful items we can make JUST CAUSE. can be anything. give me ideas. It will be a good opportunity for me to try everything Ive always wanted to try. like mosaics with polymer clay.

any ideas you have at all. I love my blogger ladies.

Im at school. time for behavior management and a power bar.
c u tomorrow

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Its kind of lame when you take the batteries out of your vibrator and put them into a pencil sharpener but that kind of says it all now doesnt it.

and it totally sUcks not having a computer.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Did I mention how beAUtiful you look today darling?

well so!
tonight the wonderful Nancey B is lending me her tech husband over the phone to give my computer much techy phone love. and maybe I can be back up soon. typing at the library is very overated I cant seem to think over all the 10 year olds sitting next to me playing games and IMing their friends.

bad news first
even if I do get up I have to fix my computer problems. I am not an irrisponsible girl. I am always five minutes early to wherever I go. the reason Im late with my vids most times is that I have to defrag several times in the middle of making them. so what should take an hour will take 3. and editing takes 4 hours so you dont need to understand sadistics to do this math.

it takes quite forever.

bad news is that I am going to wait until I get my student loan money (begining of december! not far away!) and Im gonna get my baby computer ready ready to do some real things! Put photoshop on it, a real editing program, mucho space and memory. There is no need to continue to make things hard, you know? why live with so many obstacles. why dont I just do it right if Im going to do it.

so the good news is that in a few weeks suziblutube will be back EVERY WEEK AND ON TIME and also will have dvds to sell (cheapie - 5 episodes on 1 dvd plus EXTRA footage for 5.00) as it is now I have to delete them as soon as I make them because I have no burner to put them on. and I dont want to have to keep deleting all my work right?

In the meantime I will use a friends computer and keep up with you all. I will also be posting journal art lessons thru photos so that will be fun.

IM NOT LEAVING YOU...I will come back even better. but I must take care of the computer and make it right. Ill be putting up a lot of art in the coming days cause I need computer cash so there will be a lot to choose from if you are looking for interesting christmas gifts.

please keep writing to me so I dont feel like my goddesses are leaving me.

much love,
Suzi Blu

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Computer problems...again

how come always on video shooting day?
Windows - Im in Rescue and Recovery and I cant get out.
Ive managed to figure out how to get on the internet though.

Im off to take a test but will be back here 4:00 EST
I would LOVE a bit of help, cant we manage this without me going to the Geek Squad once again?

be back

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stay With it Till the End

Loving what you do

Its raining but I dont mind cause
Im bout to take a big dip into the pool of my dreams! corny corny Babies! Are you coming with me? Is this the year you do what you want? rEally what you want trUely what you want - not what gives you health insurance or pay the bills but the year in which you gamble on yourself?

it is for me

So next semester there will be a change. Ill still get my BA in psyche cause Im one class away but Im putting education on hold. shhhh dont tell my mom. she was finally happy about something I was doing. Next semester I am putting my desires in a basket and hoping up the multi-media highway of love confused yet?
Next semester I am taking 1) DESKTOP PUBLISHING
3) and one class of my choosing for the 3
credit elective for my BA

No education classes no clinincs, nothing but my dreams.
I will learn how to layout book designs for the books I make and I will learn how to make the Coolest DVDs and CDROMS ever. ever ever.

Book of art and poems by stellan to be released Valantines day.
And also a 2 hour DVD that I cannot tell you yet. secret secret thoughts but its GOOD.

So there. Trust in the universe. Do what you love. Period.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Shane <3 <3 <3

html help please

wHo knows how to put a Graphic into my myspace background aNd mOre importantly, how do I insert a graphic in the outer outerspace of this here blog? It doesnt let me control that weird bluish color.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pink Fairies For Sale!




This Morning I Have Been DIVINELY TOUCHED

Thats it Goddesses, I am starting my own religion.
Lets make a religion dedicated TO ART.
And to start off with
as your Pastress of Pink Paint and Butterfly Wings
Ok? do you hear me? No matter what youve done - you did it with a messed up head. You are not to blame. Seriously. Listen to me. When you do f**ked up things its cause you are thinking f**ked up thoughts. You would do better at the time if you thought you could.
You are not a sinner
you are a goddess
The universe loves you. always.

I think a religion to art would be Tre' Kewl. We could make up rituals and have altars ooh ooh ooh! and wear funny hats. and have songs. Its so needed. More so than anything I endured listening to this morning which was all god has a penis and Im a bad person.

I must write a paper on sexual scripts for my marriage class then I will be back with art from yesturday.

lalalala LA!

Sunday sUnday

Talking about issues is a good thing even when people disagree. The problem with the world is that people think just because they take different sides of an issue they need to not like each other. conversation and debate is always good, always. And in this blog I would like people to say exactly how they feel as long as it is done with respect and without personal attack.

As far as culture and the fear of loosing it - my opinion - this is like DNA mixing. Eventually everyone is going to sleep with everyone and we will all be one color YAY! Although I appreciate and love different cultures I do not fear them mixing. HOW WONDERFUL MY WORLD IS that I can eat chinese food, mexican food, go to an ashram and learn buddhist secrets, have a cannoli for lunch, and I am all the better for it. My life is mixed media. All blended together. I can make mexican crafts and pretend I live in Mexico I can make mosaics and imagine I live in Tuscany. What is the difference if I am from there or not?

Have you seen the movie Gangs Of New York? When the second wave of immigrants came the first wave felt threatened. They called themselves 'natives', these were Irish right? I forget. They felt like the new immigrants were taking their jobs intruding with their culture, changing if America represents one place in time like a snapshot and thats how it should be ALWAYS.

But if there is a definition of America then it is of mixed peoples, and at what point do you say Okay enough cultures we want just one...what, yours? Not any one culture defines America, that is the point. That is the whole reason it was started. But that doesn't mean we have to cling to our given culture. Yes they are going to blend yes time passes and the way it is now is nOt the way its always going to be. Stop grasping. You are clinging to an idea only out of fear. Your culture does NOT define you. How limiting! Its like putting peas on one side of your plate and the mash potatoes on the other OH MY GOODNESS DONT LET THEM TOUCH.

I say - make a mess! Let there be food mixing culture combination CHAOS.


I have to go to church this morning and idontwanna! (whine).
For my world religions class I must give a presentation weds, I chose a Baptist church.
I actually like church in that it is otherworldly. I like catholic churches because of the pagentry and incense and DRAMA. I would lik to go and confess in a little booth. I havent done that since Ive been, eh, hrm. 12? what sins could I have possibley had at that age? I didnt even know what a blow job was.

No but really. I dont believe in sin. Still though, I like church. It would be nice to be caught up in something this morning. I wish I knew a church in which people were prone to speaking in tongues. That would be an interesting morning.

Church or skewl or foodshopping its hard to get me out of the house in the morning. I resent it. I want to linger over tea and answer my plethera of unread emails. I want to pet pooh who is acting strangely I want to show you what I painted all day yesturday when I turned off the phone and SAT THERE and worked.

Be back tonight with pretty pictures of art.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

video is done and nearly 10 minutes long. I had to find a new place to host it and it will take a few hours to upload so now we are looking at tomorrow morning.

I made a smaller one for YT that I was going to let you see but Id rather you see yours first. you know I make special longer videos for my bloggers dont you? I dont even like making the small 3 minute YT ones anymore but its great exposure. Its so much more FREEING to make the longer ones. I rattle on and on about this and that its awesome.

so I do apologiz, but it is done! and its long! its got pooh and fairies and new songs and silliness. It will be worth it. come back to see me in the a.m.

goodnight darlings.

Miss blu

Its Coming!

I locked myself out of my computer for most of today, messed up my password setting and had to take it to Best Buy where for 31.00 and 2 minutes later I was password free.

Editing. Video will be up tonight.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ok I have a project for ya

I am wondering if someone would like to make a cool new banner for me? The one I have above is too small but I wont have photoshop again for a few weeks (computer thingy problems). I could send you dig pics of artwork and me and you can make me something good yes?

anyone who has time and the inclination let me know. Id sure appreciate it.

Look Im in a Zine!

The Wondeful Miss Kira interviewed me so pick up your copy (affordable!) today. Learn all you want to know about Suzi Blu! Well, a lot. If there is anything else you want to know just ask me. i.e. I prefer Hanes undies over anything else and my car floor is litered with protein bar wrappers. See arent you glad you asked. There is just a WEALTH of information I have yet to lay on you. All in good time.
In the meantime - pick up her zine HERE

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The LOVE Angel

So I curse a lot, you know that right? You can tell I know... you can tell ...people can tell from looking at me that I probably smoke and curse and do a lot of drugs but I actually I just curse and Im better than I used to be I mean, I havent cursed hEre much have I? And its a dilemma bcz young people watch my vids but do I have to censor myself on my blog too? And its not about cursing really but more subject matter and how tame do I need to be? Do I want to be looked on as a roll model.... well, yes. I think Im good for young girls in a way I encourage them to be LOUD and FREE ahh but Ive done a lot of crazy shit they dont need to do, but they'll prolly do it anyway huh?

I had something to tell you but Ive forgotten.

I think I want to be the internet DIY queen what do you think? Not just art journaling which we will do but there so much out there. I'll be for the people like me who cant afford cable or a proper diy channel. Ill be crafting from the trailer park how hilarious would that be. Id get me a pink flamingo and have the darndenest troll garden this side of wherever the hell the coolest troll garden is. You hear stories tho about the types (scary men) that live there drunk and raping their neighbors dogs. so I dont think its safe for little free spirited me who would befriend every interesting shabby person she met.

but what was it I wanted to say i hate this.

eh, Ill remember tomorrow


Thank the lovely sweet Melissa for making me videos <3

Check out her channel and give her LOVE here

She is a wild wild woman who needs a blog! Tell her to start one.


Look what eM made me!

I would like to do THIS for my next video.
What do you think? yes?

Someone mentioned that they can't afford cable so they cant watch the DIY channel and I cant afford cable and I cant watch the DIY channel so I thought...hey. I'll make a DIY channel but do it mY way. yay?

That would be entirely fun.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Stuff

A bOy and hiS dOg


I am behind in returning emails and those Ive written to its like,'Hi! Love ya! swamped!' So I apologize, I do I do. I need to get thru the weekend and next week will be more normal. Very nomal come Decembe 17th when the semster ends and I BECOME YOURS FOR A WHOLE MONTH. goodie! The things we will do!

My list for today:
1) Write paper for Mondays Language Delay presentation
2) Make notecards for above
3) Write short paper on youth facility center field trip
4) Write Lesson plan for musical instrument
5) Math homework
6) Lesson plan for Tuesdays presentation - Modern native americans dont wear loin cloths to dinner anymore (the differences between the 1st thanksgiving and today)
7) Food shopping
8) Figure out dinner and watch FRACTURE

1) Get up early. Paint
2) Do math take home quiz
3)Read marriage chapters
4) Write marriage paper
5) Make notes for midterm
6) Give pooh fluids
7) Attend a church service and take notes for my World Religions presentation.

I just need to get thru the next 2 days!
Oh and I need so many immunizations to work with the little kids. many shots I must get next week doh!

be back soon. I promise promise OH. So I think we need to start a community in Ning. More about that later.

Friends of pooh will be a weekly thing if people want to send cute pictures of their furry and not so furry children to me before I edit on weds evenings. Furry children wearing any time of garb or accessory is a definite PLUS.

Have a wonderful saturday.
Ill post my paintings tonight.