Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thursday is thee DAY

Let's say that THURSDAY early evening will be new video posting day and then we can all get some sleep! Wednesdays are working out very well for me to paint/shoot but here it is 10:30 and Im not nearly finished editing. so let it be thursdays from now on. This gives more people time too to email me photos of YOUR PET WEARING CLOTHES which makes me happy.

I want to talk a little bit about the art for the next video as well. I made a painting 12 x 24, pretty big took me most of the day. i lub it very much. But just because i did it out of a journal does not mean all of the techniques cant also be applied inside a book. So what I want you to do in preperation for tomorrow nights video, is to gather your collage papers and think about houses (for that is what I made). Pages of text, patterned papers. Think about the colors of your favorite home or the home you wish you had. You could also write about 'home' on a piece of lined notebook paper and use that in your collage. Glue it as the roof, as a door. You'll see more what i mean tomorrow.

Now in my painting since I am collaging outside of a journal I covered my painting in wax. Not something you want to do inside a book because after much handling if the wax is too thick it will crack. What i have done though in the past inside my journals is this: Melt Soy Wax chips with a quilting iron over a journal page. let cool. Then, take something like a plastic ruler and scrape it all off. what is left is a micro thin coat of wax that seals collage papers nicely. try it. and tell me what you think.

Here is a link to the Quilting Iron

In my video you'll see that i cover my collage with Beeswax.
The book in which I learned this technique is from Claudine Hellmuth and is called
Collage Discovery

hope you had a happy day.
c u tomorrow



lee said...

I have that book I love her style. Hope you did well on that Math test

Tarnok said...

Cannot wait for it Goddess!!

Leslie said...

I also have the book. I also cannot wait for your video!

Diane Duda said...

Thanks for the beeswax info, Suzi! I went straight on over and ordered Claudine's book.
I just love you for being so generous with all of your knowledge.
Speaking of Claudine and pet costumes, she has a cute picture of her dressed up Kitty on her blog.

Looking forward to the new video!


suzi blu said...

I dont feel generous, all of the information is already out there but i guess people still dont know where to find it. I would like to do more of a tutorial tutorial its just time restraints. teaching is definitely a more structured video and takes more thought and i am STRESSED COMPLETELY with all of my school work that when i make the videos i want to have fun. I want everyone to be on the same page though so I will let on in the blog whatever I know.

You will love love love that book and is the basis for so very many things! let me know after youve looked at it.

Lotus on the surface said...

Suzi, you are my muse =) I have had claudines book now for a year or so and have been wanting to use the wax technique ever since! I cant wait to see your next vid! I finally went and bid on some wax and a clover mini iron =) Love x a bigillion!!!!

- Cara

iHanna said...

I've posted art in my blog and written a text today, I've had a great day. I love houses but I haven't done one in collage yet. I will though, can't wait to see yours.

let me know what you think of my collage? thanks!

Nina said...

Great mask, girl!!

If anyone is bidding on the 5 lbs. kosher soy wax that ends tonite, pls contact me -- we can split it and shouldn't be bidding against each other!!

winglake at verizon dot net

gilfling said...

I am so excited to buy one of these irons. I have been wanting to try waxing my paintings for a while but now you given me the reason to give it a go! Good luck with all your schoolwork!

changapeluda said...

Is it early evening Yet?
it's almost 4pm here on
the West Coast side a things.
i'm thinkin it's gotta be
even later over there....


i'm ready to get down!

changapeluda said...

no pressure or nuthin'
i've just been listening to

so whatcha gonna do
uh do you wanna get down

so whatcha gonna do
do you wanna get down???

Get Down On it!
Get DOWN on it!

And Suziblu,
it's gettin me All ready