Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Take pictures today or your babies (whether they be from your womb or covered in fur) in a halloween costume and I will put them all together, along with pooh, and make a GODDESS BABY SLIDE SHOW.

ok off to paint and film.
Video will be up either at Midnight or tomorrow after math. Im pretty sure it will be midnight though. Im feeling productive.

happy happy day!



Unichorn said...

Can't wait!

tascha said...

Hi Suzi! Can you lift the pictures off of my blog of Lily and Opie? They want to be in the slide show so badly!

red tin heart said...

i have a picture i will e-mail you of elizabeths puppy ariel. i say puppy she is 2 yrs old. she climbed up on the couch and wrapped herself up in elizabeth's feather boa. elizabeth sat her up in the corner of the couch and snapped this photo i am sending.
xoxo nita

Anonymous said...

Lovely art and films, says a woman from Sweden.

kelly said...

Suzi my fur baby APU grew out of his costume but he got a hair cut yesterday that makes him look like a tick/baby seal, does that count? The poor little thing is still cute as a button.

kelly from nc

changapeluda said...

Oh Freaky Deeeeky\ilicious!
I e-mailed you today....
Happy Halloween....
yeah yeah yeah.
Only it was a picture of my
babygirl...IN costume!

Coinky dinky my minky pinky falinky. (heh heh)synchronizicity
i know but i wish i woulda sent you the one of Zoe the pearliest German Shepherd
as a freaky hippy dog.

ah ya can't win 'em all.
Happy Halloweeeen
mon frerita!