Thursday, October 25, 2007

Right now video is 150 MB and doesnt have music yet. Im going to finish it and make it a full perfect video and see if will upload the larger file size. If so happy happy I will make longer vids from now on and make a shorter one for YT.

But right now I have to go to math.

Be back this afternoon. If blip works I will have the longer video up here pretty soon, and then cut it back for one for YT. It sucks bcz I have so much to say I hate cutting things out! I like to talk and stuff needs explaining.

be back later =^_^=


Dave said...

I can only imagine at what it will be!

paula said...
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paula said...

Hey there Suzi,
I don't know where from Jersey you're from but I'm from North Jersey too:) I discovered you just today through Kira's blog and saw that you're contributing in her new zine too? I actually googled you and sat through all of your YOUTube vids..Um yeah, LOL, I do have a life but today's my resting day and my little one (boy) sat with me and watched a good portion of it. He's only 4 and loves looking at my "stamping" stuff online (I scrapbook and journal)He's realizing he can draw too now (drew me his first recognizable face two days ago and now I have a stack of 50 sheets of paper with funny faces drawn on both sides with marker and tells me he's an artist.) Too cute! Anyways, loved all your videos and have been thinking about venturing into art journaling (I paint, write, take photos, draw but never all on the same page)so you gave me a kick in the pants today. If only I can unpack my stuff (I just packed them b/c we're moving to a new apt.) ANywho....long-winded LOL SOrry. My point is, you seem really cool and stuff and would love to hang out sometime and maybe journal? I love going to cafes and Barnes and Nobles but have no friends who would do any sort of art with me...My friends sometimes think I'm dorky because of it but whatever:)they come to me and ask me to make stuff for them or their friends so.... Anywyas, Maybe sometime we can meet up? Well, keep up the great job. love your work! Paula
PS I accidently deleted my previous comment:) Sorry LOL

paula said...

oh and ps...I live in Plainsboro now (by Princeton) there are tons of farms down my way...LOL

Robyn said...

The YouTube folk must be MEN who have now understanding of the importance of dialogue on a production :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog...I'm addicted to watching you. lol My friend sent me to Suzi Blue tube. My friend and I both do Altered art...but you are about so much more.