Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I nEEd Pullip dolls!


suze said...

Love those green eyes! and pink hair? What could be better.

changapeluda said...

Synchronicity is flowing like a motherfucker!

you can delete this if you want, i just had to say it

Rubes and I are talking about her halloween costume and not only are we doing dreamy crinolin with the little RED riding hood we are doing the White Tights....so now we're adding the (sorry here she comes agin) motherfucking ribbon strappy leggy thingers!!!

Ruby Feliz says, "it's a Sign."

changapeluda said...

i mean that we were talking about her halloween costume and
cleeeeek there's your bloggie with this adorable little dolly.
right in syncopation.


i ADORE you, too!
thanky for the linky, my stinky.
Te amo.

eM said...

hmm i think i may see some suziblu dolls in our future.
rock'em girl!

red tin heart said...

so cute! xoxo nita

Mariposa said...

Those dolls are eerily beautiful. They make me want to draw large glassy eyes over and over and over and over again.


michellesteeleart said...

I think you would really love one of these. I would but $270 is too much for me now.


Anonymous said...

i found her on this website for $94 O_o before s/h O_o



a simple offering said...

she's adorable!

i wish we were all folk art creatures like this in a caroon like world

i'd love having pink curly hair, too