Sunday, October 07, 2007

A New Day

Its quite impressive how Im begining to feel all this warm love from women I have not met (yet). I am absolutely convinced we have something here. So many of us feel a void that all of us can be there for each other to fill. Like a little tribe of wild women (and fishboy too, of course).

Posts are removed to protect the innocent, although they do not own a computer nor does anyone they know have any clue about what I do. All is safe. Still, not all words should be left to linger on their own. Feelings are transient. Especially for me. My lesson will be boundaries.

I want so much and you know, Im going to believe it is going to happen. I want a space. A retreat. Women's circles and drums and art and love and tea and beautiful indian rugs to lay down onto when it all gets to be too much. I want a victorian house where everyroom is a different art class or an old farmhouse or HELL a mobile home with 2 pink plastic flamingoes by the front door. I want a place where you all can come to. A big giant revolving women's retreat of love and art YAY!

I have to write a paper and tonight post a new painting. I must make a frame for it. Then buy underwear. But I will be back.


Wyn said...

yes... sometimes it's great to get away.

Just came across your vlog on youtube's DIY channel. i love your art journal series, please keep it up!

my sis loves them too, she was going to go right out and get a new book.

thank you for being real on line. so few are these days.

~Marj ^_^

Julie said...

I'm so glad I found your blog and your videos. You are a true inspiration. And your art is absolutely wonderful.

Can I be just like you when I grow up?

Beverly said...

I haven't yet started my art journal, but reading each post from you makes me feel so excited for when my life slows down. Just a little. Just enough to play with paper and paint and glue and glitter.

Thank you so much for the beauty that you emanate, that you create, and for the excitement you give to me each time you post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzi! =) I agree with us women needing other and I have much in common with our upbringing.

I want what you want, too! A place for women, but also a place for young people who don't believe they are capable of being artists!

Can I come teach classes with you in your mobile home with the pink flamingos?



Kira said...

I want to create a space, too! I drempt of a beautiful house that had studios and workshop spaces downstairs and rooms for artists of charge! We NEED a space to all come together.


Fledgling Poet said...

I'm really glad you're feeling better Suzi, and I completely agree with you that women need women for support. I have been reading back through your blog and loving it all...I'm so glad I found you. I struggle to find time for art work...poetry is my first love but I do love art so much. I want to devote much more time to it some day (I know, I know...why not now??) I'm very afraid of that white page...the words come so easily for me, but colors and shapes are more elusive. Have a wonderful Sunday -- I will be back to read more of your beautiful blog.

Judy Wise said...

Build it and they will come. I mean we will come. ;-D

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

I am believing with you. A wonderful place for women to share and maybe 'retreat' from the chaos for a time and be surrounded by creativity and love.

xo Rella

Christine said...

I'm a professional artist, have seen a lot, done a lot, accomplished a lot....but rarely have I been impressed and even inspired by one such as yourself Suzi. Thank you so much for helping me to step out side my professional box and allow myself to play and have fun again. I've been missing that for too long now. I have preached that over and over and over and somehow I lost it myself.

Thanks so much for helping me to find it again. I'm in love, in heaven...happy again! Woo hoo!!

Big hugs and my very best to you!


christine_wasankari said...

Well for some silly reason blogger is not showing my profile from my earlier I thought I'd try again. Sheesh... :-)

Red Sonja said...

You HAVE already created that is here!
It may not be a physical space but by being on the internet it allows women from all over the world to come together, women who have never met in person but share a common dream.
You have helped that dream gain momentum and for that - YOU ROCK!

Kimberley McGill said...


Discovering your blog has recharged my life. thank you.

Pink flamingos - love me some pink flamingos!

meena p said...

thank you for making your vlogs!! I am wyn's sister, and I'm so glad she sent me the link to you!

you've expressed so much of what I've always felt, and I want to thank you for being yourself, carefree, and trying to help others to create the art that lives deep inside them. :]

Give pooh a hug from some girl on the internet!!

Joy said...

hey suzi...

i didn't get to comment on the post... i understand removing stuff that seems negative...

i just wanted to say i'm glad i've found you! i am not crafty and have never considered myself to be creative... did i tell you that i call myself the anti-craft! ha ha ha ha!!!

anyway... i feel these lessons that i am following haphazardly are like art-therapy!! that is what my friend cynthia has said too...

we love you suzy
oh yes we do
we love you suzy
oh suzy blu!

thanks for sharing your infectious creativeness with us.

joan said...

Dear Suzi,

I just found you... and I loved you instantly.
You are so incredibly brave, and such an inspiration.
I have been a BLOCKED artist most of my life... I am trying to find my voice and change all that.
I would very much like to tag along on your creative journey.

Thank you, for being you.

+Nix+ said...

*~ adding to the love ~*

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Hey, Suzi, sounds as though you've worked through to a brighter side. I think this is a common ailment, especially for women, and YOU'RE RIGHT it's wonderful that we have each other to support each other.

Hope you have a blessed week! Thanks for those great youtubes...keep 'em goin'!

Anonymous said...

Suz - I hope that someday I have the opportunity to meet you in person. I just think that we'd have so much to talk about and share with one another! Do you feel like coming to Maui? :p J/K...I may actually be heading out to NY/NJ next summer (one of my BF's lives in NJ) - if so, we must meet! For tea! And jellybeans! :) I will bring a treat for Pooh, too. :)

Happy Monday. Sending you mad love, my friend!


Hélène Deroubaix said...

Dear Suziblu,

I so agree with you ^_^
I am wondering then what is your own void?

I think we all pick pieces of us,missing pieces of our soul puzzle by collecting inspiration of other soul sisters, like minded companions:)

I guess all these women find this in you.
an inspiration. a sister bond.

a friend of mine told me you said your mom didn't enjoy your art??
I'm not sure she understood it right...
I mean your work is truly great! it s good and important that at least you do Know and acknowledge this

I am like you with big ideals ^_^
it's so sweet to hear:)

many blessings to you!
I will add your link by the way, you don't have to add mine if you don't feel like it ;)

no one reads meeeeeeee:( ( kidding)
(well no way many reads me but they are blurker ahaha =^_^= how to comfort one's ego ahahah)

so well but I d be happy if you do:)
Blessings to you***

red tin heart said...

This is my dream to. I have an art page on this. I want a place where artists can come and teach classes and I can teach garden classes and have tea and other wonderful things. xo nita

red tin heart said...

I love the part, like a tribe of wild women and fish boy to. Funny. It is true, ever since I have had a blog I have made alot of women friends. I like that. xoxo nita