Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Suziblutube bumperstickers!
try refreshing your screen if the bumpersticker logo looks small. an older picture keeps showing up for some reason but when you f5 it the new one shows.

I will put up prints of paintings here shortly.

Video up tomorrow, wednesday, around 9 pm. Are you ready for the love. Materials? Well, it is collage but of course, you can add any elements. I show the basic idea and then we all take it from there. I will use a bit of paint as usual. Im also going to do it out of a watercolor notebook cause my moleskin journal is at the end and is also very small. Its time for suzi to buy a bigger journal!

Oh babies....someone made me very sad tonight, and I got very mad, and Im in a pissy mood. I have to breathe and remember, all is well. and I learned a valuable lesson for next time right?

Pink love coming coming sooooon. and possibley longer video??? downloading a new codex so we shall seeeeee.

are ya bubbling with love yet? blow some my way =^_^=


Wyn said...

What a great idea! A SuziBlu official journal! That's fantastic. ^_^

Does the doggy shirt come with the dog? And do you think Pooh would wear it?

Can't wait for your next episode - i tingle with excitement when i hear the flute theme song. And you mentioned going all out in PINK? Awesome.

Sometimes it's hard to remember to breathe. But once we do it, things seem a little nicer.

Have a good night SuziBlu.

~marj ^_~

Leslie said...

Hey Suzi,
Are you proud? Please check me out at


suzi blu said...


Journal covers are just temporary, going to put up pretty painting covers soon. I like that the pages dont have lines. Doggie shirts too, they need more color. I cant wait to buy the stuff myself, I want a full line of POOH merchandise! my little pooh.

well, not all in pink but pink will be there and it will be shocking but then...I am in this mood this very strange mood. Ive had the wOrst period the last two days and Ive just about had it with sO much...you know? and I need to just go nuts for a little bit.


changapeluda said...

Nuts are good. Nuts are your friend.


Leslie said...

Girlfriend . . . I was in such a hurry to post my earlier, "are you proud" message, that I didn't even read this new post . . . didn't even know it WAS a new post. Such blindness comes with . . . I was going to say age, but maybe it's half a bottle of wine.

I couldn't see the bumper sticker at all, even with refreshing, but I'm sure it will show up.

I'm sorry you've been having a bad day, but I'm so ready for your pink explosion! Bring on the pink love girl!


Needleroozer said...

How 'bout this for some love? I found you today, read and watched till I couldn't take it anymore, then headed to the studio for several hours of fun- all thanks to you!
Check out my blog at
to see my first-ever journal page. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but finally worked up the nerve today because you inspired me to do so.
The pages did not photograph well, but I did it, and posted it, and that is all that matters, right?
Whatever is making you down, breathe it out and let it go, and feel the love. It is here, there, and everywhere.
LB, aka Needleroozer

~jolene said...

SuziBlu...I don't see the bumpersticker....but...I Feel The Love!



Taly said...

I'm sending you oodles of love and support. Don't be sad, remember - if someone says you're a piano, it doesn't mean you really are - he is just making a fool of himself (recomposition of your words).

You are so sweet and so talented and creative - you deserve only goodness.

With appreciation,

suze said...

I AM bubbling with PINK!! Bring on the pink!Check out my blog for a really cute kitty!pinkcrayonstudio.blogspot.com/

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Someone made you sad?? Oh dear...what miserable thing in their life would cause them to bring YOU sadness??
I am sending lots of pink love 2500 miles away xoxox Rella

Renee said...

Hi Suziblu, I just wanted to stop in and say "hi". I've only discovered you a few days ago, but you have been a major inspiration to me. Much love and peace. :-)

Fiona said...

Can you feel the trasnsatlantic love? I must post some of my journal pages.....must..keep up the great work. And remember...breathe..

eM said...

I like to surround myself with white light if I sense any bad energy or a- holes around me.. :)

Tarnok said...

Cant wait for you to bring on the pink!

And deep breaths always calm me down.

Much love,

Robyn said...

Sad you have had a bad day but don't let the turkeys get you down. There are many of us out here in cyberland who appreciate you for your bubbly personality and your talent so ... deep breath, centre yourself, smile, blow the turkeys a kiss and then go on your way.

It confuses the hell out of them :-)

+Nix+ said...

yes very happy and waiting for pink fun,I now save the videos to watch off line so I am happy with my suziblu fix *squee*

Nina said...

Blowing a gentle fall breeze of appreciation your way. If that doesn't work, smile and kill 'em with kindness!!!

Lotus on the surface said...

Suzi, LOVEEE!! hehe just thought i would send you some =) I am absolutely addicted to your work and your blog ;) I think i check it at least 10 times a day. I did go ahead and get a molskine sketchbook (the heavy weight page one) and love it! I am constantly painting now. Thank you so much for re-lighting my creative spark! You are truly a gem to everyone here. Please keep up your amazing work. <3!!!!!


Kelly @ Kel's Space said...

Not fair! You are adding joy to so many people's lives right now, no one gets to take yours away! Take care - looking forward to the video...

Judy Wise said...

Just look at all this love! "What comes from you returns to you." Mwah!

red tin heart said...

I had to check in I was having Suzi Blu withdrawls. I needed a dose of fun. xoxo nita

Ro Bruhn said...

Sending love all the way fom Australia, thanks Suzi

Anonymous said...

Suzie, do you use tampons?? If you do they might be the cause of all your period pain. For the first few days of your period try using pads. Tampons keep the blood clots from leaving the cervix, thus you have cramps. I would almost die every time my period came around d/t the pain. But when I found this little trick and started to use it my periods are a breeze. I can't believe it. Really try it you may be so suprised at how pain free your periods can be..Barbie