Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Late late late

Yes yes yes I know.
Its all shot though!
Im editing now, and doing statistics inbetween.
Tomorrow babies!
Tomorrow there will be video.
clear video with the new

promise princess ballerina swear
suzi blu


eM said...

So, no Vid yo?
it gave me time to figure out the icon thing, thanks to a kind alien. *
i luv this pic cuz it's 2 of my favorite earthly pleasures....
pink and fuzzy!
Gotta get one suz, quite a treat!
instant grat

Unichorn said...

Hi Suzi,
I'm looking forward to your next video: I like them! Thanks for your inspiration: your initiative shows some Gilrpower!
Till next time and greetings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Unichorn said...

p.s. you can view my first step in my Moleskine-art-journal on