Monday, October 22, 2007

Just trying something nothing new

Not a new video, just the muse one, trying to see if the file looks clearer and maybe Ill go with them for the next one. i also might be able to do longer vids? good goddess!


tascha said...

HI Suzi!
It looks clearer, but it might be because it's smaller. The sound seems clearer too.

Talk to you soon ;)

red tin heart said...

I love it, and it seems clearer. i love the pink wig too. It is so cute. xoxo Nita

lynne h said...

i agree... the audio and visual both seem clearer.

have a great week, suzi!


eM said...

yes, yes. this is much sharper. nice contrast and color saturation.
mm-mmm, em like

Dave said...

What it comes down to is size and what each video website can accommodate for it. Is that the only size it can make for that video of yours? True it's much clearer but again will it be just that size formatted only? I like Youtube because it can be enlarged to fit the whole screen but clarity is some what lost in the process. It seems to me I like it either way. But it's your decision on what you want to go with in the end.

Renee said...

Just adding my 2 cents worth - I love the clarity! Even if it is a bit smaller, I definitely think giving up a larger size is worth it. But if you decide Youtube suits you best... that is all good as well. I doubt you'll lose any viewers either way.

Much love

PS - I wish I had the guts to buy a pink wig!