Wednesday, October 03, 2007

just getting an icon for YT


Artsy said...

I used to wear a lot of eyeliner too and I IRONED my hair. LOL. Great video. It's fun to look back. You're so pretty.

Like you I have always had a lot of hair. Then I turned 50 a few years back..and cut it short. Now I want it long again. I don't care if people say I look "witchy". I like it.

Have an inspiring day.

~jolene said...

Così bambino dolce del fiore!

I have just 'discovered' you (like finding a rare jewel)...and I am inspired beyond words...thank you SuziBlu :)

iHanna said...

oooiii, that is just so cute - all of the photos. and when I saw you with eyeliner I was thinking: why aren't there any photos of me looking cool like that? :-P

tomorrow I'm GOING to paint a self portrait - first thing when I wake up! :-)

Leslie said...

Girlfriend, I am such a fan. We all surged with the fads.

But now, I am surging with your fad -- journaling -- and my own daily record is something it would not be without your urging.